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Video Surveillance to Help Keep Your Eyes on Your Building

Watch your Premises with HD Video on a Easy-to-Use System! 

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Do you feel like your facility is vulnerable?

  • Are you looking for a system to help with Quality Control?

  • Is it time to get a better video surveillance system?

  • Do you want to better monitor health and safety procedures?

  • Are you worried about equipment stored outside?

  • Do you want to be alerted when somebody trespasses?

  • Do you need to monitor your shipping/receiving area?

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Tired of searching video with clunky software?
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Our Service Attracts Customers

“When the technicians came on site, they did a fast, clean and amazing job.”

Daniela Di Geso


Cover Your Entire Facility with a System that Ensures …

Employees are safe

Equipment is working

Liability before it becomes a problem

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Stop worrying about having the right video protection and instead know that your facility is secure with a video surveillance system designed for you.

You can stop worrying about having the wrong video protection


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“Robert at Spotter is phenomenal to deal with. Our J. Davis House site has been very well taken care of by their camera security system during the construction phase. They have 2 stations setup at opposite corners of the site and has been very effective at detecting trespassers during non working hours. It is great that they keep our site updated on the suspicious activities during our excavation, shoring, and forming phase. We will definitely keep recommending Spotter Security and use them for our next projects.” 

– Jason Y@ Mattamy Homes

What Makes Spotter Security Different?

At Spotter Security we know that you want to be sure your entire facility is protected from front to back. In order to do that, you need to have a reliable video surveillance system with the right cameras for each area of your facility that can be scaled up as your business grows.

The problem is there are so many products and companies to choose from and they all have different opinions of what you need.  You feel worried that you will install the wrong system and either spend more than you need to or not have enough coverage so you’re secure. We believe you can cover your entire facility with the right system to ensure that your employees are safe, equipment is working, and you’ll be able to spot any theft or liability before it becomes a problem.

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We Understand.  We are in the business because we spotted an opportunity to change the way video surveillance was being done.  We realized that our clients needed technology that provided excellent image quality, was easy-to-use, and was working when you needed it.   We have 15 years experience and have installed more than 10,000 cameras across Canada. 

4 Simple steps to get a video surveillance system:  
1. Contact Us
2. We’ll provide a quick one-on-one online overview of the different camera technology products and find the one that works for you.  
3. We design, install and service your video surveillance.
4. We will check your system every two weeks to make sure it is running perfectly

Contact Us to setup a quick online demo and in the meantime download this PDF on the top 10 things you should know when purchasing a video surveillance system.

So you can stop worrying about having the right video protection and instead know that your facility is secure with a video surveillance system designed for you.

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