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Are you looking to Install a Thermal Camera to Scan Employees and Visitors for Fevers?

Can a Thermal Camera be used for Fever Detection?

With COVID-19 spreading across the world, businessess are turning to thermal fever detection cameras to help them safely re-open. But can this solution really work? Can a thermal camera properly analyze a person’s temperature and give an accurate reading. It’s a crazy time for everyone and the last thing you want is to spend money on a bogus solution that doesn’t work.

If you choose the right camera and install it properly, a thermal camera can assist in detecting a higher body temperature in people.

Quick Answers to Thermal Fever Detection Cameras

  • You can’t accurately scan multiple people in a room, only one at a time

  • You can’t mount them outside, near an exterior door, or even a window

  • The cameras need to be monitored in real-time for best results

  • A second screening area is recommended to avoid crowding

  • You cannot detect people on the move, they need to stop in front of the camera

  • Less than 30 seconds outside on a cool day will cause false reads

How to install your thermal camera for best fever detection results

For best results, a thermal camera for fever detection should be installed indoors in an environment with a consistent temperature.  Overly hot or cold people, especially people that are sweating, will cause false detections.  People should be able to walk in a single file line and the best results are achieved when the person stops in front of the thermal camera.  Avoid areas near doors and windows, as even the slightest change in the climate can throw the reading off.  


securing Co-working spaces

Thermal Cameras for Fever
Detection can only be done indoor


Heating and air vents will
Cause false readings on the cameras


Thermal Camera Sunlight Effect

Avoid sunlight from a window or
exterior walls that face sunlight all day


The background can’t be reflective
& should not be dark. Closer to White


Thermal Camera Lighting

Avoid bright lights, incandescent,
halogen, & quartz tungsten halogen bulbs


A room that is between 20-24°C and
10-50% humidity is perfect

Getting an Accurate Reading

The thermal camera lens and face need to be aligned properly.  The minimum number of pixels needed is 240 x 180.  The average face is approximatley 6″ wide, which means the camera can only have a maximum view of 10″ wide.

The inner eye is the best area for body temperature readings.  There is an artery called the Inner Canthus which is the most reliable for cameras to pickup a temperature reading.  For accurate results, a single face needs to be parallel to the camera at a height of 30″ to 87″.

The person cannot be wearing glasses, a hat, or even have hair over their face.  The face needs to be fully visible to the camera in order to get a proper temperature reading.  People with face masks will need to remove them as they stand in front of the camera to be scanned.

Thermal Camera Hat and Glasses

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