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We are on a mission to help businesses across Canada get the right security solution that won’t let them down.​

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Many people waste money on security solutions that let them down. We help businesses pick the right technology, install it, and make sure it works when they need it.

The security industry is full of bad products and service providers claiming to help businesses stop crime. It is wrong to take people’s money and provide a mediocre solution with poor service. Too many people end up buying the wrong solution, leaving their business exposed and feeling let down with their security investment.​

​We are on a mission to stop this, and we need a solid network of security system installers across Canada to help get us there.

You work hard.

You deserve a partner that treats you right and works hard to help you succeed.

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Our Customers Shouldn’t Feel Let Down. Neither Should You.​


If we want our customers to win, we have to ensure our employees and contractors win. We can sell the best security solution on the market for the best price, but if we don’t have the right people on our team, it won’t get delivered properly. And this is a letdown.​​

Unrealistic timelines, chaotic project management, low-ball pricing, late payments—so many businesses fail to get it right for their contractors.​ Spotter is committed to maintaining a positive working relationship with our sub-contractors.
This commitment means creating a win-win situation for both companies.​

To accomplish our mission, we have to ensure that our employees and contractors don’t feel let down.

Year after year, employee satisfaction is rated 4.5/5.

What We Expect from our Sub-contractors​


  • Criminal background check for all employees​
  • Clean trucks with minimal to no graphics​
  • Neutral and presentable dress code when onsite​
  • Commitment to represent Spotter professionally​
  • Quick turnaround times for quotes and drawings​
  • Quick turnaround for service calls​
  • Current safety certifications including lift and boom license​
  • Secure storage for spare items provided by Spotter​
  • Procedures for after-hours calls​
  • Valid certificate of insurance and workers compensation​

  • Quick turnaround time for invoice submittal​

  • 30-day payment terms (deposit provided for <$5K)

Your skills should include:

Security Cameras

Access Control

Magnetic Locks

Alarm Systems

Cable Installation

Door Hardware

Are you a security system installer, locksmith, or low voltage cable installer?​

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Strong Teams Create Happy Customers​

It feels good to do good.

One of the ways we measure our success is through Net Promoter Score®. This tried-and-true metric assesses consumer satisfaction and is now the foundation of customer experience management programmes worldwide. Focusing on obtaining a high net promoter score puts our attention on improving as a team. We continue to strive to reach a category solely occupied by the world’s greatest brands.


Join Spotter in providing the right security solution to businesses, construction companies, and some of the world’s top brands.

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 Are you thinking about joining our team as a full-time employee? Click Here.

We Are

Spotter Security is a physical security systems provider. We design, install, and service security solutions for large corporations, businesses, and construction sites.​

Solutions we provide:

Founded in 2004, our head office is a few minutes north of Toronto, in Markham, Ontario, but many team members work remotely. ​We service all of Canada.​

Security Products We Provide

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We are looking for security subcontractors to join our team in all parts of Canada.
For more details or to inquire, contact us today.