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Every day, petroleum companies have to deal with fuel theft, retail theft and robbery. You’d think that preventing such common security threats should be a piece of cake. But more often than not, gas companies still receive damage reports for unaccounted for fuel and retail losses. So what’s the problem?

Most petroleum companies simply don’t have a security system that is designed to deal with the problems specific to the industry.

If that’s not enough, petroleum companies are also required to keep up with strict safety regulations put in place by the Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA). In the past, a simple video surveillance system would do the trick, but regulations have become stricter over the years so that the average video surveillance system just won’t cut it.


To satisfy the powers that be and keep the TSSA happy, your video surveillance system requires:

  • Every filling position or fuel dispenser must be covered by a camera.
  • Cameras to pass a clarity test, meaning that an attendant must be able to read the license plate or clearly identify the gas container. Having one camera cover multiple filling positions is okay, as long as it passes the clarity test.
  • Cameras to be interlocked to shut down the pump or dispenser when video signal is lost.
  • A monitor to be mounted next to the attendant with a continuous view of each dispensing position. This means no monitors that switch views every few seconds.
  • The image size on the attendant’s monitor must be big enough for the attendant to easily see what’s happening. Image quality can’t be affected by sunlight or overhead lights.
  • The attendant’s monitor to be located in a place where it is easily viewable during the course of his/her shift.
  • The attendant’s monitor must only show gas pumps and car wash, not in-store views.


Spotter’s state-of-the-art data centre solutions help eliminate the common security pain points that data centres often have to deal with. Our well-rounded portfolio is fully customizable, meaning that we can design a system to tackle your specific needs!



Having a bird’s-eye-view of what’s happening in your data centre is an important way to help prevent trouble from popping up. Spotter will install a video surveillance system that is customized specifically for your location to help eliminate blind spots and to protect sensitive areas.

Spotter carries a wide variety of cameras to make sure that we provide you with the best system possible for your needs. You can choose between basic, high definition and even ultra-high definition cameras to ensure that if there is a problem, you’ll have high-quality video footage to provide to police!


Being able to control exactly who is coming in and out of your data centre is crucial for keeping your operation safe and secure. Spotter will install card readers and electronic door strikes at every entry point so that only the people you authorize will be able to gain access to your building. Spotter can set up your system to read key cards, fobs and even your mobile device! To take it a step further, Spotter will install Biometric readers to ensure that the person that walks through that door is not using a card he found on the street.

One card swipe, one entrance!. Tailgating is a common issue at data centres. When a customer swipes his card or uses a fingerprint reader to enter the facility, you need to make sure that they did not let someone in with them. With Spotter’s tailgate solution, you will get an instant notification when a tailgate event occurs.


Big Data Centres mean video surveillance systems with dozens of cameras, so even though your cameras might spot trouble, it doesn’t always mean that your security staff will. That’s where having intelligent video analytics comes in handy!

Spotter’s intelligent video analytics uses state-of-the-art motion detectors that can tell the difference between people, vehicles, animals and even noisy backgrounds. That means that even if your security staff is preoccupied, any issues that arise will not go unnoticed.

If a security threat is identified, an instant alert is fed straight to your security monitors so that your security staff can address it immediately. This feature can even allow you to reduce the number of on-site security staff needed to keep your facility secure. With video analytics constantly watching out for trouble, you are able to reduce staff needed during certain hours.


Data centre security can be a big job that requires both a multitude of live security guards and surveillance cameras which can cost and arm and a leg. Spotter’s remote video monitoring services can help reduce the need for live security personnel by monitoring your security cameras from our state-of-the-art operations centre!

If a security threat arises, our live agents will receive an instant notification so that they can identify the issue and take necessary action. Our remote monitoring systems even come equipped with sirens, strobe lights and speakers to help scare perpetrators away before they cause damage.


What’s the use of having an alarm system when 98% of all alarms triggered on standard systems turn out to be false? Over the years, standard alarm systems have become a headache for property owners and police alike. That’s why all of Spotter’s alarm systems come equipped with video verification.

If an alarm is triggered, a video clip is sent to our live agents so that they can verify if the threat is real. If the police are needed, having video verification of the problem means that Spotter’s agents can report your security threat as a “crime in progress” so that your alarm stays at priority one.


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