Security Surveillance Trailer

Mobile Surveillance units for rapid deployment, solar-powered and specifically designed to catch, deter and report criminal activity in parking lots, yards and construction sites.

Improve Your Security With An All-In-One Security Solution

Surveillance trailers come as a stand-alone security surveillance solution for parking lots, construction sites, farmlands and other commercial developments. Built with their own power source, and equipped with security cameras, loudspeakers and strobe lights, surveillance trailers are the perfect video security solution for off-grid locations.

mobile surveillance trailer - all in one security

Choose your Security Surveillance Trailer

Explore and pick from the best surveillance trailers that fulfil your site’s unique requirements and also fit your security needs.

Lot Cop Transparent

Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Equipped with solar-powered security cameras and backup generator, these mobile surveillance are completely self-sufficient, providing up to 20 days of video surveillance solely on the backup generator.

Compact Spotter Mobile Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Cube

Compact mobile surveillance trailers, ready for quick-deploy both indoors and outdoors to have your security up and running in no time. It provides continuous surveillance for up to 24 hours before plugging in to power up.

Why use Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile surveillance trailers are ideal for use where there is no power source, or where the surveillance requirements keep changing. Keep an eye on activity on your site with specialized security cameras and advanced analytics with surveillance trailers.

Quick and Easy Deployment

These trailers replace physical security guards and offer a quick and easy installation procedure to have your video monitoring up and running in no time. Using security surveillance trailers saves up on costs without compromising on security.

No External Power Required

Security surveillance trailers come equipped with solar-powered security cameras that capture every detail throughout the day. They also come with backup generators with up to 20 hours of backup to keep your site secure round-the-clock.

Surveillance Anywhere You Need

Security Surveillance trailers are built to provide security for sites with no permanent infrastructure . Be it parking lots, construction sites, or truck yards, these surveillance trailers ensure gapless coverage without the need for a power source or mounting poles for cameras.

Mobile surveillance trailers

Get Self-Sufficient Surveillance For Your Site

Mobile surveillance trailers come with solar-powered cameras and back-up generators to provide uninterrupted surveillance round-the-clock.

  • Battery Backup To Keep You Always Secure
  • Efficient Solar Panels To Power Cameras
  • Optional Generators For Increased Reliability

Discover The Versatility Of Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Security surveillance trailers offer video coverage no matter the hurdles. They can be used on multiple locations and even off-grid sites:

  • Parking Lots
  • Construction Sites
  • Truck Yards
  • Farm Lands
  • Live Events
  • Mining Operations
Lot cop collage
Lot cop Surveillance trailer

When To Use Surveillance Trailers

The Perfect Mobile Surveillance Solution

  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Vehicle Crime Prevention
  • Employee and Guest Safety
  • Property Protection
  • Accidents and Injuries Management

Mobile Security Cameras Deployed In Minutes

Spotter Security has successfully paired cutting edge security with convenience, mobility, and speed. Get a taste of hassle-free surveillance.

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Surveillance trailers From A Provider You Can Trust

Spotter Security helps you improve your business security. Protect your assets with mobile surveillance trailers through Spotter Security. With the combination of security cameras, advanced analytics and reliability, your site always remains secure.

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