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With so many video surveillance systems on the market, many people find it difficult to find the solution that will protect them best. Spotter takes the worry out of security by figuring out the best solution for your environment.

Spotter is certified in most of the major video surveillance management software on the market. Each one is unique and is meant for a certain environment. Once we determine your needs, we will help you evaluate and choose software that is right for you.


Spotter will mount video security cameras around your facility which feed to a dedicated recorder, allowing you to review the footage as needed. Video is typically archived for a minimum of 30 days. Once your system is full, new video will be recorded over the oldest video files.

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How many times have the police had to appeal to the public for information on a suspect with nothing but a blurry surveillance photo? With Spotter’s high definition video surveillance cameras, you’ll have the ability to zoom in on recorded footage, allowing you to capture clear details that you would otherwise be unable to distinguish like license plates or facial details.

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Many security companies only offer 1, 2 and 3MP cameras, which work well in environments with smaller footprints Spotter offers ultra-high definition video surveillance cameras that can achieve up to 30MP! These powerful cameras are extremely useful when covering large areas like parking lots, storage yards and loading docks.

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What’s the use in having all of this fancy security technology if it’s too complicated to operate? Spotter’s video surveillance systems are not only powerful, but they operate on software that you don’t need to be a tech expert to use, making video searching quick and simple!

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Spotter doesn’t force clients to use a particular security technology brand. Instead Spotter offers Open Architecture systems which allow you to integrate your system with all security cameras on the market!

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Looking to beef up your video security system but don’t want to ditch your old equipment? No problem! Spotter can design a hybrid security solution that will incorporate your old cameras with brand new software that is scalable to any size!

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One thing client’s often overlook is how their new surveillance system will impact their current network infrastructure. Making sure you have the proper cameras and software are critical to ensure your business network remains up and running, and secure at all times. Spotter designs systems that provide clients with maximum clarity using the least amount of bandwidth and storage. This allows you to view specific cameras without slowing down your network!

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Data Center

Attracting new clients to your business means making sure that they are comfortable putting their data in your facility.

Security Solutions

Spotter knows that the bigger your data center is, the more difficult it becomes to keep it secure. We have make then easy!


Property managers have a unique challenge of not only keeping their premises secure, but also making sure occupants are kept safe.

Office Buildings

Do you know where your weak spots are? Are you worried about unauthorized personnel entering your property without your knowledge? Let us help!


When it comes to providing security for businesses, having a top-of-the-line system can sometimes cause many problems.

Commercial Security Systems

Spotter offers security solutions specifically designed for your business. We personalize our services based on your needs.


Security in the manufacturing industry can be tricky a business because of the sheer size of most facilities.

Industrial Security

Many manufacturing firms are even required to meet high safety standards to reduce the risk of liability issues.


Spotter’s Construction Site Video Guard Security (VSG) provides a full range of our services for just one low monthly fee.

VSG System

With Spotter, we believe in giving our construction customers the best service with no upfront cost!


A transport truck or a warehouse full of high-priced merchandise is often extremely tempting for thieves, criminal, and burglars.

Warehouse Security

Transportation companies that do cross-border business in the USA must also meet strict Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism initiative (C-TPAT) requirements.