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Even though all video surveillance systems can notify you of a potential problem via motion detection, often these “alerts” are nothing more than a pesky animal or interference on a stormy night.

With Spotter, you’ll never have to worry about responding to false alarms again. Spotter’s video analytics system can distinguish the difference between people, vehicles, animals and even cut through noise in the background (i.e. trees blowing in the wind) so that you’ll never have to worry about responding to false alarms again!


With Spotter’s intelligent video analytics keeping a watchful eye over your property, you can cut back on the amount of security staff needed during certain hours. For example, overnight you can have one security guard on patrol while also getting any security alerts identified by Spotter’s video analytics sent to their mobile device.

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An effective way to help reduce false alarms is to set up specific ‘rules’ to target people and vehicles engaging in unwanted behaviours. You can set up your system to watch for people or vehicles in a given area that are stopping or loitering, moving in a particular direction, or missing from a certain area. When a ‘rule’ is broken, you will be instantly alerted so that you can act proactively while the problem is still happening.

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Recently, Microsoft conducted a study and determined that the average attention span for a human has fallen to just eight seconds, which is even less than that of a goldfish!

When a security guard is tasked with looking at multiple screens containing video from multiple cameras, the likelihood of missing something or getting distracted is extremely high. Spotter’s intelligent video analytics analyzes cameras to look for people and vehicles that are violating certain rules and alert security personnel via an on-screen notification or alarm.

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Data Center

Attracting new clients to your business means making sure that they are comfortable putting their data in your facility.

Security Solutions

Spotter knows that the bigger your data center is, the more difficult it becomes to keep it secure. We have make then easy!


Property managers have a unique challenge of not only keeping their premises secure, but also making sure occupants are kept safe.

Office Buildings

Do you know where your weak spots are? Are you worried about unauthorized personnel entering your property without your knowledge? Let us help!


When it comes to providing security for businesses, having a top-of-the-line system can sometimes cause many problems.

Commercial Security Systems

Spotter offers security solutions specifically designed for your business. We personalize our services based on your needs.


Security in the manufacturing industry can be tricky a business because of the sheer size of most facilities.

Industrial Security

Many manufacturing firms are even required to meet high safety standards to reduce the risk of liability issues.


Spotter’s Construction Site Video Guard Security (VSG) provides a full range of our services for just one low monthly fee.

VSG System

With Spotter, we believe in giving our construction customers the best service with no upfront cost!


A transport truck or a warehouse full of high-priced merchandise is often extremely tempting for thieves, criminal, and burglars.

Warehouse Security

Transportation companies that do cross-border business in the USA must also meet strict Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism initiative (C-TPAT) requirements.