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Once upon a time, alarm systems were considered a godsend for protecting your property. But over the years, they’ve turned into a nuisance for police, security guards and system owners alike.

Did you know that over 98% of alarms are false? Some people still think that a false alarm is better than no alarm. But that’s not the case. When an alarm goes off and police are dispatched, a typical charge for a police response is $100 – $200 per alarm.

This has led to most police services in Canada to make video verification for alarm systems mandatory, meaning that regular alarm systems simply aren’t cutting it for protection anymore.

Spotter puts the power back into having an alarm system by only installing video verified systems, meaning that you’ll get the security you need without worrying about the hassle caused by false alarms!


Spotter’s alarm systems use unique motion detectors coupled with built-in cameras so that when motion is detected, a video clip is sent directly to our monitoring station so we can verify whether the event is real or false.

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When Spotter’s monitoring station verifies that there is a genuine security threat, it is called into the police station as a “crime in progress”. Having this distinction means that your alarm becomes priority one for police instead of just a regular “alarm” call, which usually gets bumped down to priority six for police.

With Spotter’s video verified alarms, call to police are responded to in 8 – 10 minutes, which is over 80% faster than with a regular alarm system.

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Nobody wants to deal with getting a call at 2:00am about an alarm at your premises, and figuring out what action to take can be a serious cause for frustration (especially if the alarm turns out to be false). Do you get in the car and drive down yourself? Do you send a security guard who will likely arrive after the perpetrators have long gone? Or do you simply ignore the potential crime happening?

When Spotter receives the video clip from a triggered alarm’s camera, the only phone call you’ll receive will be from a Spotter agent saying “we see people attempting to break in and the police have been dispatched. No more worrying about responding to false alarms or figuring out what action to take. Spotter has you covered!

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Want to beef up your alarm security without scrapping your existing system? No worries! Spotter can upgrade your existing alarm system by simply adding video verification technology.

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Data Center

Attracting new clients to your business means making sure that they are comfortable putting their data in your facility.

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Spotter knows that the bigger your data center is, the more difficult it becomes to keep it secure. We have make then easy!


Property managers have a unique challenge of not only keeping their premises secure, but also making sure occupants are kept safe.

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When it comes to providing security for businesses, having a top-of-the-line system can sometimes cause many problems.

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Security in the manufacturing industry can be tricky a business because of the sheer size of most facilities.

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Many manufacturing firms are even required to meet high safety standards to reduce the risk of liability issues.


Spotter’s Construction Site Video Guard Security (VSG) provides a full range of our services for just one low monthly fee.

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With Spotter, we believe in giving our construction customers the best service with no upfront cost!


A transport truck or a warehouse full of high-priced merchandise is often extremely tempting for thieves, criminal, and burglars.

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Transportation companies that do cross-border business in the USA must also meet strict Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism initiative (C-TPAT) requirements.