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getting a maglock System installed

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Protecting your building and controlling access with a maglock system can be challenging. You need a company that can provide a proper design and installation that meets building code. The problem is that there are many security companies on the market that either lack expertise or are so large that they charge ridiculous prices.

A reliable security installer will need to be able to:



Before being installed, maglocks must comply with the relevant building codes and require engineering drawings and a building permit.

Magnetic lock installation


The door frame must have the maglock installed properly and wired back to a power supply that has a manual key switch and is plugged into a GFCI electrical outlet.

Fire Alarm


The maglock system must be integrated with the building’s fire alarm system, allowing the maglock to deactivate in response to a fire alarm trigger.

Custom Maglock Systems From an Expert You Can Trust

Because every security concern is unique.

You need a reliable maglock system that you can trust to protect your building and allow people to safely exit in the event of an emergency.

With Spotter Security, you can rest assured knowing our maglock installation will meet the local building codes. A qualified engineer will design and stamp your maglock system before our skilled installers set it up. We handle permits, code-compliant installation, and inspection clearance.

For nearly two decades, Spotter Security has been installing security systems for Canadian businesses and commercial buildings.

Let us guide you in finding the right solution for your needs.


Spotter’s Maglock System Installation Process

Ensuring the proper installation and successful inspection of your maglock system involves a step-by-step procedure.

With nearly two decades of expertise in security system design and installation, our team adheres to this process to guarantee the safety and security of your building.

Our team ensures a clear understanding of the distinct building codes applicable in every North American city.

Our team will provide engineered drawings that are stamped and prepared for building permit submission.

We’ll compile all the necessary documentation, including the engineered drawings, and initiate a permit application with the city.

Installation can occur at any point, including during the permit process. However, the Maglocks must remain inactive until the final inspection. Post-installation, a pre-test is conducted to ensure the Maglocks system aligns with the design and building code.

Our team will collaborate with building contacts, fire alarm installers, the security team, and city inspector to conduct a comprehensive final inspection. This assessment involves activating the fire alarm and testing various scenarios as directed by the city inspector.

maglock installation steps

Choosing The Right Maglock

The appropriate maglock is necessary based on the type of door and entry.

single door maglocks

Single Door Maglocks

Single Magnetic Lock and Armature Plate

Double Door maglocks

Double Door Maglocks

Double Magnetic Locks with Armature Plate

sliding door

Sliding Door Maglocks

For sliding manual and automatic doors

sliding door 1

Glass Door Maglocks

For sliding and swinging glass doors

Fool Proof. Secure. Reliable.

Keep your building secure with Maglocks’ secure access control that offers supreme protection and fool-proof design so you never have to worry about security.

istockphoto 1191020950 612x612 1

Electric Powered Security

Maglocks products use low voltage electricity for the locking mechanism. It uses electromagnets that charge to keep the door locked, ensuring both reliability and security through a single mechanism.

Efficient Keycard Management

With Maglocks smart keycard management, there is no need to replace lost keycards, hunt down old keys from terminated employees or manage access manually.

Holding Force

Maglocks offer robust security, with the electromagnetic strength able to withstand tremendous pressure, capable of withstanding anywhere from 600 pounds to over 1200 pounds of pressure applied directly.

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