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Live Remote Video Monitoring Service That Stops Intruders from Breaking in and Stealing Your Stuff

Tired of Ineffective Security Solutions?

Theft and break-ins are not only costly but also incredibly overwhelming and nerve-wracking. Businesses that possess valuable resources are especially vulnerable to theft and require extra security measures; however, finding an affordable live remote video monitoring and surveillance security solution you can trust to protect your property is easier said than done.

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Are You Experiencing …

Heavy Equipment Theft and Damage

Heavy machinery continually gets damaged, stolen, or targeted for valuable parts.

Commercial Vehicle Theft and Break-ins

Criminals take advantage of commercial vehicles, resulting in frequent catalytic converter thefts.

Theft of Expensive Material and Tools

Valuables like copper and lumber, as well as precious tools, are prime targets for theft.

Don’t worry!

Spotter Security Has You Covered.

We offer a reliable and cost-effective way to efficiently prevent crime through our innovative Live Camera Monitoring service.


Voice talk-down monthly

30 Sec

Average alarm response time


Reviewed videos monthly

Take Control of Your Commercial Property’s Security with a Proven Solution

Live Remote Video Monitoring Service That is Cost-Effective and Reliable

Spotter Security has been providing reliable, cost-effective security solutions for businesses across Canada for nearly two decades. Our latest service, Spotter’s Live video monitoring service, is a great addition to our existing portfolio of offerings. This service allows us to video monitor your property in real-time from the comfort of our remote video monitoring station using strategically placed smart security cameras. 

The live agents at our live remote video monitoring station are always on and alert for any suspicious activity. This added layer of protection ensures that potential intruders or vandals are spotted quickly, and the appropriate measures are taken to protect your property from harm. As part of this service, Spotter Security also offers additional features such as motion detection and data analysis to help provide further insight into the security of your property.

Security Camera Monitoring - Live Agent Watching CCTV Monitors

Feel Confident Knowing Your Property is Secure

Our monthly live video monitoring service fee is inclusive of:

Security Camera Monitoring - Smart Security Cameras

Security camera monitoring

Security cameras are strategically placed around your property and look for people, vehicles, or suspicious activity.

Security Camera Monitoring - Evidence When You Need it

Evidence at Your Fingertips

All video is stored for at least 30 days. You can access the cameras 24/7 via mobile, cloud, or dedicated software.

Security Camera Monitoring - Live Agents Watching Your Property


Experienced live agents watch your business remotely and respond to alerts generated by the camera.

LCM - Sirens, Strobes and Speakers

Siren, Strobe, and Speaker

Upon recognizing a potential danger, our system will trigger an alarm, flash a strobe, or broadcast a verbal warning.

LCM - Dedicated High Speed Internet

Dedicated High Speed Internet

Dedicated high-speed internet ensures that our systems transmit consistently and can be quickly deployed anywhere.

Security Camera Monitoring - Access to Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Receive daily incident reports in your inbox with pictures and details of any events that have occurred at your site.

Spotter Security provides the latest in live camera monitoring, which offers a range of benefits for your business.

Video review services: Our video review service helps to identify potential threats and areas of risk quickly and efficiently. 

Remote maintenance: With Spotters, you can be sure that your system is always up-to-date with the most recent software releases. 

Go-live reporting: With our go-live reporting, you can monitor the performance and stability of your system over time.

Consulting and advisory: Our consulting and advisory services help to ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.

Video archive: Our video archive stores footage for up to a year, allowing you to review any incidents that may have occurred quickly. 

False alarm detection: With our live camera monitoring, you will receive real-time alerts in the wake of any suspicious activity. 

Training your team: Finally, we provide training for your team so they know how to best use the system.

Live camera monitoring provides businesses with a wide range of advantages compared to traditional video surveillance. It can help reduce security costs by eliminating the need for guards and potentially reducing video monitoring costs due to fewer false alarms generated.

Providing a centralized, searchable database with recorded footage can minimize investigation time. Moreover, installation and setup are easy, as no additional hardware is required.

When you need to keep a close eye on your environment, live video monitoring with deployed camera technology is the perfect solution. Our cameras are designed to capture license plates in even the darkest lighting conditions, and our long-range cameras will provide clear video from hundreds of feet away.

For those areas with minimal lighting, thermal cameras are ideal for monitoring large outdoor environments such as perimeters. With this advanced camera technology, you can be sure that your environment is safe and secure.

Live Security Cameras are an effective deterrent for catalytic converter theft at a commercial site. Live Security Cameras also provide real-time surveillance footage, allowing you to check in on the status of your car at any time from anywhere.

This provides peace of mind that you can monitor any events as they unfold and take the necessary steps to protect your car. Additionally, the cameras can be connected to an alarm system, providing an additional layer of security if suspicious activity is detected.

Our proprietary apps allow us to monitor camera health in real time. Our cameras transmit data back to our servers, where we can detect any potential issues with the device.

We use this information to alert our analysts so that they can take action quickly if necessary.

We also have a customized protocol system that allows us to track visual and data elements on our customers’ sites. This system helps us understand the behavior of each site and allows us to create more efficient and effective service solutions for our clients.

Finally, we have a comprehensive service system that allows us to handle any service requests quickly. Through this system, we can identify any possible issues with our cameras and provide the necessary repairs.

Worry Less and Get Back To Focusing On Growing Your Business.

Security Camera Mointoring Service from a Provider That Won’t Let You Down

Let us equip your business with Spotter’s Security Innovative Solutions!

CCTV cameras for business
Cameras and Hardware

Our monthly service includes all hardware and software, providing access to the cameras 24/7 via the cloud or mobile app.

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No Long Term Contracts

Use our service for as long as needed. Commit to a minimum of 3 months and cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice.

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Unlimited Service and Support

Get unlimited technical support, service, maintenance, system health checks, and replacement of defective hardware.

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Fast Response Times

Our video monitoring agents work 24/7 available, guaranteeing quick response times. On average, we respond within 20 seconds after receiving an alarm alert.

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Security Camera Footage Review

Upon request, we offer comprehensive video reviews and investigations. After meticulously examining the footage, we coordinate with the police if needed.

Keep Your Business Safe, with Spotter Security

Getting a Reliable Live Video Monitoring System is Simple

Keep your business safe with just three simple steps

Get Free Expert Advice

Contact us to book a free security audit session with one of our experts to discuss your challenges; we will help identify the best security solution for your business.

Get a Free Quote and Design

We will custom-design a live camera monitoring system for you and include a cost estimate, so you will know exactly how your property will be protected.

Protect Your Property

Our team will install the system and watch the cameras closely during non-business hours to stop intruders before they get in. You can relax knowing that your property is secure.

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Spotter Security has help thousands of companies in Canada and now it’s your turn to join the ranks!

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Get an enhanced And reliable security solution

Get an enhanced And reliable security solution

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