AXIS M42 Dome Camera Series

AXIS M42 Dome Camera Series

Affordable varifocal domes

  • Great images up to 8 MP
  • Varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus
  • WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR
  • Analytics with deep learning
  • HDMI output for public viewing monitors


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High image quality and discreet design

These budget-friendly and small varifocal cameras offer excellent image quality up to 4K, even in difficult lighting conditions. Thanks to their adaptable field of view, you can select between a broad perspective or detailed images. Additionally, remote zoom and focus capabilities guarantee clear, high-resolution video with exceptional details when required. The lineup consists of variations equipped with OptimizedIR for effective surveillance in complete darkness and a Lightfinder for vivid color images even in low-light situations. They can be inconspicuously installed to blend into any surroundings seamlessly. 

discreet design
Extended possibilities

Extended possibilities

Equipped with a deep learning processing unit, the AXIS M42 Series enables advanced analytics powered by deep learning at the edge. These high-performance cameras capture footage and gather and analyze valuable metadata in real-time for various purposes such as forensic search, statistical analysis, and immediate event detection. With AXIS Object Analytics as a built-in feature, you can effortlessly monitor instances where an object remains within a defined area for a user-specified duration, making it ideal for detecting loitering. Additionally, the series supports audio and I/O connectivity through the AXIS T61 Series.

HDMI output for public viewing monitors

The Axis M42 camera is equipped with an HDMI output feature that allows seamless connectivity to public viewing monitors. This HDMI output functionality enables you to easily display the captured footage on large screens or monitors in public areas. Whether it’s for surveillance purposes or simply for sharing real-time video feeds with a wider audience, the HDMI output of the Axis M42 camera ensures clear and high-quality viewing on compatible display devices. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where public monitoring or broadcasting is required, providing a convenient and efficient solution for public viewing scenarios.

Operation and installation

Products within AXIS P32 Dome SERIES

These cameras provide highest image quality and feature AI-powered video analytics to help you understand what is happening at your site.

AXIS P1468-LE Bullet Camera

AXIS M4215-LV Dome Camera

Varifocal 2 MP dome with IR and deep learning

AXIS M4216 LV Dome Camera

AXIS M4216-LV Dome Camera

Varifocal 4 MP dome with IR and deep learning

AXIS M4218-LV Dome Camera

AXIS M4218-LV Dome Camera

Varifocal 8 MP dome with IR and deep learning

Get In Touch With Our Security Camera Installation Expert in Canada!

Get In Touch With Our Security Camera Installation Expert in Canada!

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