avigilon H5A DOME CAMERA

H5A Dome Camera

The H5A Dome camera enhances video analytics to the next level. Its AI technology can instantly recognize up to 50 people or vehicles with greater accuracy, even if they are stationary. It outsmarts lags to protect what matters most without missing a moment and provides the best perimeter protection.


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Stay a step ahead of critical events

Immediate recognition of what is happening at your site and make informed decisions.

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High-Tech Video Analytics

H5A detects a broader range of objects more accurately and enables quicker responses, even in high-congestion scenes.

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Choose from a wide range of lens types, including the option for a long zoom, to enjoy flexible coverage choices.

Optional IR illumination


Delivering exceptional image detail in environments even in low-light conditions.

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Enhances data security by enabling FIPS-compliant cryptography on cameras, which ensures increased protection.

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Get an active partner who never rests

The H5A camera offers a more intelligent and powerful video security solution due to the highly equipped Next-Generation Video Analytics. Its object classification ability can identify people and vehicles and differentiate between cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and bicycles. With its proactive detection capabilities, the camera alerts you to potentially critical events that demand attention, empowering you to take timely action when it truly matters.

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Active partner H5a Dome

Respond faster with AI capabilities

Don’t let critical events slip through the cracks with the help of Unusual Activity Detection; uncover the potentially critical incidents that might otherwise go unnoticed. This modern AI technology alerts you of all the abnormal activities, like vehicles not following speed limits. Moreover, the camera fully supports Avigilon Appearance Search and facial recognition technologies, enabling you to expedite investigations.

Have total clarity in challenging lighting

Experience clear visibility of your site even in challenging high-contrast lighting situations with the help of H5A’s Wide Dynamic Range feature. This capability is especially advantageous in areas with intense light sources, like retail stores with expansive windows or parking lots where glare from car headlights can reduce visibility. Additionally, the adaptive IR function ensures optimal capture of image details with maximum clarity in low-light environments.

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Get In Touch With Our Security Camera Installation Expert in Canada!

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