Ava Bullet Camera

Elevate your situational awareness to new heights with the H6A Bullet. Instantly know when something isn’t right with onboard AdaptAI video analytics to proactively flag critical events. Extend your awareness beyond video with a built-in mic to alert you of auditory disturbances. See far and wide with the bullet’s long-range detail, making it perfect for large areas.




Your security partner that never rests

See and hear what’s happening on your site with AI-powered video and audio analytics working together to give you unmatched intelligence. So you can make informed decisions in the moments that matter.

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Easy installation, use and management
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AI video and audio analytics
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Cloud-native deployment
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10-year warranty
Ava Bullet Camera hardware

Weather-Resistant, High Resolution Bullet Camera

Ava bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use. They come with high resolution sensors, AI-powered analytics and cloud connectivity to keep you always secure.

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Rugged Design

The Ava bullet camera is ideal for outdoor use with its vandal-resistant design with an IP66 rating. The design is easy to install and does not require back-boxes to manage cables.


Directional Audio

The Ava bullet cameras come with directional audio through its acoustic sensors that identify the source of the sound and record for evidence.


High Resolution Imaging

Built for high-resolution video surveillance, especially in low light conditions with HDR to make sure you do not miss a single detail no matter the time of the day.


Strong Image Processing

Equipped with the new Ambarella system on chip, the Ava bullet camera offers superior image processing and video encoding.

Superior Situational Awareness

The Ava bullet camera comes with advanced video analytics powered by AI, machine learning and acoustics to keep you always aware of everything that happens on your site. Identify threats in real-time and alert your security team if anything abnormal happens, like a gunshot, glass breaking, screaming or any other loud noise.

Real-time threat detection ava bullet
Deter incidents efficiently

Ideal For Usage Anywhere

Built with a robust design with high quality materials and a vandal resistant design to make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Equip the Ava bullet camera to secure your parking lots, airports, public transport, manufacturing sites or any other large and open area. Its tele-photo lenses support portrait as well as landscape monitoring, making it perfect for any scenario.

Smart and Reliable Surveillance

The new Ava bullet camera optimizes storage utilization by using AI-powered analytics to determine which events to record. The processor can also vary the bitrate depending on object detection to ensure that your storage lasts longer. The camera can be setup to record when something abnormal happens. This uses less storage while keeping the video quality optimal for playback when needed.

Reliable smart bandwidth optimization

Experience Advanced Analytics With Ava Bullet Camera

The Ava offers a cloud-based security surveillance solution ideal for any situation, giving AI-enabled features and security insights.


Track people on your site by integrating maps to your surveillance. Camera and alarm views keep an eye on people as they move on the premises.

Always be aware of who is on your site and keep track of personnel across defined locations on your facility.

Identify patterns and behavior to gain more insights about your customers, determine flow of traffic, possible bottlenecks and more with heat maps.

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Choose From A Wide Range Of Security Cameras

Built with robust designs, AI-powered analytics and offering feature-rich imaging to always keep you aware of everything that happens on your site.

H6X Bullet Camera

H6X Bullet Camera

Secure more ground and comply with privacy requirements with the H6X Bullet that has been designed with no built-in mic.

Spotter Bullet Camera

H6A Dome Camera

See far and wide with the powerful H6A Bullet that offers video and audio analytics – perfect for protecting large sites.

AXIS P14 Bullet Camera

P14 Bullet Camera

Ideal for 24/7 video surveillance, these compact, outdoor-ready bullet cameras are available in resolutions from HDTV 1080p resolution up to 4K.

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