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Learn About The Best Security Systems to Protect Your Business

1611, 2021

7 Types of Axis Cameras to Help Secure Your Property

November 16th, 2021|

Axis offers a broad selection of products. Their security cameras are ideal for businesses of all sizes. In our experience, Axis provides some of the best security cameras on the market. Here are seven of them, how they differ and which is best for which application.

2209, 2021

3 Common Warehouse Security Issues That Can be Fixed with Technology

September 22nd, 2021|

Keeping employees and visitors safe and reducing the risk of theft is essential to the success of your facility and business. Common logistics and warehouse security issues include theft of cargo or truck parts from parked vehicles, pilferage often from within your organization, and unauthorized visitors accessing your facilities. With the proper security setup, you can reduce these and other risks and protect your business.

1205, 2021

5 Great Features in Milestone XProtect Smart Client

May 12th, 2021|

When bad things happen – and they inevitably do – you need to be able to react quickly. That is why choosing an easy-to-use video management system (VMS) is key to your security and safety solution’s success. Milestone XProtect has been around for over 20 years.

3003, 2021

3 Brivo Access Add-ons to Get the Most of Your Access Control System

March 30th, 2021|

If safeguarding sensitive information or expensive equipment is essential to your business's success, consider adding an access control system. With an access control system, you can grant or deny access to critical areas while allowing your employees to go where they need to go. A great option is Brivo Access.

1702, 2021

3 Reasons Why a Business Should Choose Milestone XProtect VMS

February 17th, 2021|

If you already know what a video management system (VMS) is, you will likely have heard of Milestone Systems. Milestone XProtect is an excellent VMS because it can grow with your business. It supports thousands of devices, is user-friendly and accessible around the world. Here are 3 reasons why businesses should choose Milestone XProtect for their business.

1512, 2020

2 Common Uses of Video Analytics that Help Businesses

December 15th, 2020|

Although video analytics can do remarkable things like facial detection, understanding the threat or risk is essential when setting up a system. Video analytics can be a central part of a video surveillance system solution.

2511, 2020

Wireless Security Cameras: 3 Things to Know Before Buying

November 25th, 2020|

Although wireless security cameras are easy to install, flexible and more portable, they are prone to hacking, interference and are less reliable than wired cameras. Though they have dropped in price, wireless may not be the best option for your business needs.

1611, 2020

Security Cameras: The 6 Types You Need to Know About

November 16th, 2020|

Selecting the right security cameras for your business is as essential as the system you choose. By understanding the different kinds of security cameras available in the market, companies can make an informed decision that fits their budget and property needs.

911, 2020

What is the Difference Between
Analog and IP Security Cameras?

November 9th, 2020|

Do you know the difference between analog and IP security cameras? Understanding each component of your video surveillance system is essential when evaluating security systems. But choosing the recording equipment and security cameras can be a challenge.

211, 2020

DVR vs NVR vs VMS: Which security recording system is best?

November 2nd, 2020|

No matter how large or small, a security system is essential—but choosing a DVR vs NVR vs VMS and understanding how surveillance cameras record is key. All video recorders have the same basic function–to store video. The difference is in how each system is managed and administered.

2907, 2020

Electric Strike and Maglock Alternatives for Access Control Systems

July 29th, 2020|

Your first line of defence against thieves, intruders, and potential employee misconduct is controlling access to your doors and entry points. But keys are limited. They don't restrict key holders to specific dates and times, and they are easily copied. Electric strike and maglock alternatives are great options for access control systems.

2806, 2020

Why Quantity is Better when it comes to Residential Construction Video Monitoring

June 28th, 2020|

Construction sites, especially residential construction sites, are a prime target for theft and vandalism. It is estimated that $46 million in equipment gets stolen each year in Canada. But there are several things you can do to secure your site, including the basics like fencing, strict schedules, and good lighting. Options include hiring security guards, using a construction video monitoring solution, or using both.

1906, 2020

COVID-19 Forces the Birth of an Automated Restaurant and this is How I would Secure it

June 19th, 2020|

When COVID-19 hit, many business owners were caught off guard and sent into panic mode. Some industries fared better than others. Restaurants were hit the hardest, but one took the opportunity to try something new. Here’s how I would secure an automated restaurant.

606, 2020

What is an Electric Strike and Why you Need it for an Access Control System

June 6th, 2020|

Electric Strikes are the most popular type of electrified door hardware used for an access control system. Although other options exist, such as a maglock, they are not as simple to install. Unlike card readers, which are visible and interactive with users, electric strikes are hidden in the door jamb and are noticeable, but they play a critical role in securing your doors.  

405, 2020

Can a Thermal Camera be used for Fever Detection?

May 4th, 2020|

With COVID-19 along came the interest in installing thermal cameras for fever detection. Up to now, thermal cameras have been used almost exclusively by airports. However, they are now being installed in warehouses, meat processing plants, cruise ships, conference centers, and factories.

1504, 2020

Are Criminals staying Home? The rise in Crime and Mobile Security Solutions that can Help

April 15th, 2020|

Thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown that followed, we have seen a rise in crime. As the lockdowns continued, the demand for security guards also increased. Businesses have asked staff to work from home, resulting in buildings that are left empty and vulnerable. That has led to a lot of interest in Lot Cop, a mobile security camera solution.

1104, 2020

How to close Your office and Successfully setup Your Employees to work Remotely

April 11th, 2020|

A few years ago, I struggled to find a larger space to accommodate our growth, so I researched creating a virtual office. I spent countless hours listening to podcasts about virtual offices, researching the right tools to implement, and testing different ideas. If you are in the middle of trying to figure this all out due to the pandemic, send me a message, and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.

2802, 2020

Ensuring Security at a Co-working Space

February 28th, 2020|

Co-working spaces are essentially shared workspaces. They offer affordable office space for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office or the distractions of a coffee shop. Many start-ups and small businesses will use co-working spaces because it is more affordable and easier to manage growth. There are several different types of members, all with different needs.

702, 2020

Construction Site Security Checklist

February 7th, 2020|

With building material and expensive equipment everywhere, it’s no wonder that construction sites are a prime target for theft and vandalism. Without the proper construction site security measures in place, you can expect to have many unplanned costs and delays to your project. Here is what we recommend to secure your site.

801, 2020

How can Video Analytics in Security Cameras Make Video Surveillance Easier

January 8th, 2020|

Security cameras for your business or construction sites will deter a crime, but most people don't realize that hours of video footage is created and looking through it all is often a large task. Video analytics can help.

1112, 2019

3 Top Rated Security Cameras for Business in Canada

December 11th, 2019|

1 Billion by 2021 - that’s the number of security cameras they are saying will be installed across the globe. So it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of security camera manufacturers on the market trying to get a piece of the pie. In the past few years, there have been many breakthroughs with image quality, cameras reaching 30MP resolution, and artificial intelligence, cameras being able to spot people, vehicles and distinguish between faces. This has all fueled the demand for more video surveillance, and we’ve seen many different manufacturers come into the industry. 

612, 2019

What is a Maglock and When You Need it to Secure Your Door?

December 6th, 2019|

A maglock is an electrified locking device that uses low-voltage power to keep an entrance secure. Also referred to as an electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock, they consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate.  The electromagnet mounts to the door frame and gets wired back to a power supply, while the armature plate mounts to the door.

2911, 2019

How S2 Systems Can Secure Your Business

November 29th, 2019|

Access control and video monitoring systems are developing rapidly to deliver top-quality web-based services in demanding market circumstances. S2 Security provides security solutions and web-based services that are modern and effective, suitable for every sort of business that is cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about installing a complicated network of servers and other devices. 

2911, 2019

Access Control Systems – The Basics

November 29th, 2019|

For any company, physical security is no doubt a top priority. A well-designed access control system is an effective way to achieve better security. When selecting an access control system, ensure it's easy to use, integrates well with your door hardware, and can easily be managed remotely.

2911, 2019

5 Mistakes Making Your Construction Security Video Monitoring Useless

November 29th, 2019|

Construction companies have increasingly turned to live security cameras as a replacement for security officers for their sites. It is more reliable, less expensive, can cover larger areas, and in most cases is much more effective than hiring security guards. As long as you have power, you can get a video monitoring solution installed. But if you don’t do it right, your site will still be vulnerable. Here are 5 things that can make your construction security system vulnerable.

2911, 2019

Mobile Credentials: Is Your Business Ready to Open Doors With Smartphones?

November 29th, 2019|

Rarely forgotten and consistently in hand, mobile phones are our most constant companion. Logically, they are conveniently replacing keys, fobs or access cards to open doors. With more than 85% adult mobile ownership in Canada, is your organization ready to leap?

2911, 2019

5 Common Security Problems for Commercial Plazas & How to Solve Them

November 29th, 2019|

Securing commercial plazas and shopping malls is a challenge. From shoppers on foot to all kinds of vehicles, contractors, tenants, and loiterers, it is a large task to keep tabs on all that is going on. So how do you improve commercial shopping plaza security and protect your property, your tenants, and your visitors? Here are five common security problems that commercial plazas suffer from and what you can do today to prevent or combat these problems.

2911, 2019

3 Practical Ways Businesses Can Use Avigilon ACC 7

November 29th, 2019|

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the latest and most advanced version of video management software from the security hardware and software manufacturer Avigilon. Based on AI-powered analytics, its main enhancement is how it draws users' attention to active camera feeds in live video monitoring with the new “focus of attention” feature. Here are three practical ways businesses can use ACC7.

2811, 2019

How Security Alarm Systems Can Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

November 28th, 2019|

Logistics and warehouse companies are attractive targets for theft because they are loaded with valuable goods. Often trucks, loaded with goods to be delivered the following day are left on-premise at night, end up being broken into, and large floor spaces and multiple entry points make warehouses difficult to secure. Here's how a security alarm system can make your warehouse more safe and efficient.

2811, 2019

Cloud Video Surveillance: 6 Things to Consider before Signing Up

November 28th, 2019|

Talk to any IT leader in a business, and you will quickly learn that cloud computing has become the norm. Access control has been in the cloud for over a decade, but can video surveillance be moved to the cloud as easily as other business and security applications? Read on to determine what factors you should consider before moving to cloud-based video surveillance solutions.

2711, 2019

5 Things to Know Before Getting an Access Control System

November 27th, 2019|

For many companies, keeping your facility and employees secure is a top priority. A well-designed access control system is one of the most efficient ways to achieve your security objectives. Quality equipment and professional installation are easy to use and can give you the right balance between physical security and convenience.

2611, 2019

Video Surveillance System – What to Consider Before Investing

November 26th, 2019|

Some businesses need advanced functionality, multi-location security cameras, the ability to store footage centrally or in the cloud, and grant access to different users. In contrast, others only require a basic system to capture and record footage. You can tailor your surveillance system to your business’s specific needs. This guide breaks down the components of a video surveillance system.

2111, 2019

Live Security Cameras – All You Should Consider

November 21st, 2019|

Traditionally construction sites have relied on security guards to monitor and protect their sites. But how do you ensure that your security guard is “on the guard” when the moment of truth comes? Security cameras are a great alternative to security guards. Their technology-based security solution offers 90% more security for less than 50% of the cost of one security guard. Sounds like a great bargain, right?

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