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Milestone Video Management Solutions 

We Supply and Install Milestone Products for Businesses in Toronto, Ontario and Canada

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Spotter Security has been a Milestone Xprotect Authorized Dealer in Toronto, Canada since 2008

Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software (VMS). Customers select Milestone Xprotect, their award-winning VMS, because of its proven technology and open platform architecture, which provides flexible choices in hardware and third-party integrations.  Spotter Security has been a Milestone Xprotect authorized dealer in Toronto since 2008.  As a Canadian Milestone Systems authorized dealer, Spotter Security can help you design, install, and service any Milestone Xprotect system.

Milestone Xprotect

Milestone Xprotect has repeatedly been ranked as the number 1 video management software solution available. Whether you want to protect your small business, or you want to manage a multi-site large corporation, the Milestone Xprotect VMS portfolio makes it possible. Customers have the choice of Xprotect Essential (which is free), Xprotect Express, Xprotect Professional, Xprotect Expert, and Xprotect Corporate. The platform is the same throughout the different versions but differ in the number of cameras you manage and whether or not you require certain features.

Open Platform and Scalable

Milestone Xprotect is an open platform, non-proprietary video management software.  With over 150,000 installations worldwide, Milestone Xprotect integrates with the widest choice of cameras and devices.  The software supports an unrestricted number of recording servers.  This means the system can scale seamlessly by adding additional recording servers while still providing the users a single-point of access to all cameras across all servers in the entire installation

Reliable Double Storage

To meet the strictest needs for system availability and reliability, Milestone Xprotect includes support for failover of management servers, event servers, and recording servers. This ensures continuous operation and minimal video interruption no matter what happens and is ideal when operating business-critical installations.

Distributed Operation

Milestone Xprotect offers several ways of scaling an installation and operating multiple sites from a central location.  When you need to connect several, larger sites, you can take advantage of Milestone Systems Federated Architecture.  This allows individual Milestone XProtect Corporate and Xprotect Expert systems to be connected in a parent/child hierarchy of federate sites.  When you need to manage many smaller sites, you can use Milestone Systems Interconnect.  This unique solution makes it possible for organizations with distributed Milestone XProtect installations to unite their individual systems

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