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Yes, they are fail-safe and fail-secure because Maglocks require a constant power source to remain locked. In its absence, the locking mechanism does not work.

Yes, maglocks are an access control device that can be opened only by authorized personnel through keypads, keycards or proximity scanners.

No, maglocks are designed to work only when they have a constant source of power. They unlock when power is cut.

Maglocks only take 12 or 24 volts DC from a power supply. AC power would destroy the maglock control module. Some models have an internal transformer to convert AC to DC.

Maglocks do not have batteries in them. They are designed to unlock when the power source goes out in accordance with the building code and safety regulations for emergencies.

There are two types of maglocks: surface-mounted and concealed mounted, which are used depending on the door frame and available space.

Both have their own advantages, however, which is the better one for you would depend on your usage and requirements.

Maglocks strength can vary from model to model ranging from 600 pounds to over 1200 pounds of direct pressure applied to the door.

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