HID Proximity 1391 MicroProx Tag

Proximity 1391 MicroProx Tag

HID Proximity 1391 adhesive tag

Proximity 1391 Features:

  • The size of a coin ( 1.285″ / 3.264 cm), the Tag easily attaches to all nonmetallic materials and instantly becomes a proximity card.
  • The Tag can be programmed in any HID proximity format, and is compatible with all HID proximity card readers.
  • The Tag is RF-programmable for ease of encoding with HID’s ProxProgrammer®.

Convenient Upgrade to HID’s Proximity Technology

The MicroProx Tag is a small, disk-shaped transponder that brings the convenience of HID’s proximity technology to any nonmetallic card or device. By attaching the adhesive-backed Tag, you can instantly transform your existing card into a proximity tag.

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