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Avigilon H4 Mini Dome Camera Line to Increase Business Security 

Compact Size without compromising on Video Quality

The H4 Mini Dome from Avigilon is a very small and discreet camera. It is ideal for small space applications requiring a minimal footprint surveillance camera.  It measures only 2.9″ in diameter.  It optimizes video streams in real-time, minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining clear, detailed images. This camera line is idea for small constrained and discrete applications. Related image

Watch this video to discover its key features  

H4 Mini Dome Camera Line

Easy Modular Installation

This innovative and modular design snaps into surface, in-ceiling, or pendant mount adapters for fast and easy installations.  This design reduces installation time and provides flexibility in installation. The parts snap into place without the requirement of any specialized tools – everything you need comes in the box.

Avigilon Camera Default Password

After the camera has been installed, you need the camera’s IP address to access the web interface.   You can only change the camera’s password in the web interface. The camera password cannot be changed in the network video management software (VMS).

You will automatically be prompted to enter your username and password to access the camera.  The default username is admin, and the default password is admin. It is recommended that you change the default password after your first login.

H4 Mini Dome Camera Modular Installation

Key Features

  • Available in 1.3MP, 2MP and 3MP resolutions. All options come with a fixed 2.8mm lens.
  • Available in IR and non-IR models
  • Provides exceptional image quality using Ligthcatcher technology. By increasing the amount of light and detail captured via the camera and decreasing the noise in the image, LightCatcher technology produces significantly more detail in color from a low-light scene than any other technology. This new technology helps identify objects of interest more successfully in challenging lighting situations, such as indoor low light corridors, parking lots, and dark alleyways.
  • HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology Optimizes video streams for regions in a screen in real-time, minimizing bandwidth and storage requirements while maintaining clear, detailed images.
  • Alerts in case of unusual motion: Uses AI to notify you of unusual events that might have otherwise been missed, offering increased situational awareness and helping security professionals to effectively monitor more cameras
unusual motion alert from avigilon

Unusual Motion Detection

On-board camera feature:

HDSM SmartCodec™ Technology uses industry-leading compression technologies to maximize bandwidth and storage savings.
LightCatcher™ Technology provides unimaginable details in a low light setting
Wide Dynamic Range capture details in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas
Integrated IR illuminators provide uniform illumination, even in complete darkness.
Content Adaptive IR Adjusts IR beam width and illumination settings based on scene conditions to help maximize image quality
ONVIF compliance allows for easy integration with existing ONVIF infrastructure.

H4 Mini Dome Camera Line | Unboxing and Installation Tips

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