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Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Software Editions

Video Management Software for Every Business

Avigilon not only makes great security cameras, but they also have a strong, mature video management software called Avigilon Control Center (or ACC for short).  Avigilon ACC 7 was released in the early summer of 2019 and continues to have strong feature offerings as it did in previous versions.  Their new Focus of Attention AI enabled interface claims to change the way video cameras are monitored.  

Avigilon Control Center ACC7 comes in different editions Core, Standard and Enterprise – each targeted at different size Avigilon camera systems. 

Avigilon ACC Core   

Avigilon ACC coreAvigilon ACC7 Core is designed for “Entry-level” security camera systems and targets businesses that are looking to get a great system at a lower cost.   

Avigilon ACC7 Core will record up to 24 cameras per server and will allow upto 2 simultaneous users to be logged in at once.  This means that 10 different people in your company can have access to the camera system, but only 2 of them can be logged in at the same time.  If the cameras exceed 24 on one server, you will need to purchase another server to add other cameras as you expand.  It’s not the end of the world because you can still have access to both servers when you launch the client software, it just means that there will be extra costs for hardware when you want to exceed 24 cameras. 

If you plan to use Avigilon video analytic cameras, such as the Avigilon H5A  Camera Line, you will not be able to utilize the advanced features of the cameras in Avigilon ACC7 Core.  For instance, if you setup a rule called “People detected in Region”, you will not have the ability for ACC7 to send you an alert if a person walks into your yard.  Further to this, the Avigilon AI Appliance which has advanced features such as Avigilon Appearance Search, will not work with ACC7 Core – it only works with ACC7 Enterprise. 

Avigilon H4 Pro camera line provides some of the best images amongst all security cameras on the market.  If you plan to get true 4k, 5k, 6k, or 7K HD video quality, then Avigilon ACC7 Core is not the right software.  It cannot record the H4 Pro security cameras and you will look at Avigilon ACC7 Enterprise. 

Avigilon ACC Standard 

Avigilon ACC standardAvigilon ACC7 Standard is a step above ACC7 Core and is meant for mid-sized businesses or customers that are looking for a little bit more functionality.  The price range for ACC7 Standard is still competitive against similar software but comes with an easier to use interface and gives you the ability to take advatage of Avigilon’s great video analytics. 

Avigilon ACC7 Standard can support 75 cameras per server and will allow upto 10 simultaneous users to be logged in at once.  This is more than suitable for most businesses because there are few companies that require more than 10 simultaneous users. 

An additional benefit is that with ACC7 Standard can integrate with Avigilon video analytic cameras which will let you take advantage of the Avigilon H5A  Camera Line.  There is a slight limit to the amount of video analytic rules you can setup, 51 rule triggers, but this is typically enough for most users.  Let’s say you have a parking lot that is affected by vandalism, you may wish to set up a loitering trigger there. You can set up an alert to come through if any cars park there for more than 30 seconds between 10 PM and 8 AM.  Very few businesses require more over 51 of these rules.  

You still cannot record the Avigilon H4 Pro camera line or integrate with the Avigilon AI Appliance which has advanced features such as Avigilon Appearance Search, but these are not features that all businesses will require. 

Avigilon ACC Enterprise 

Avigilon ACC enterprise

ACC Enterprise is a complete solution with advanced features than the other editions. It is designed for businesses with large-scale video security needs. It is an open platform with powerful tools like unlimited rule triggers and unlimited client licensesIt can support upto 100 servers at any site with upto 300 cameras on each server. So if you have a really large facility with 10,000 security cameras, this is the system you require. 

 With ACC enterprise, you can take advantage of video analytic cameras like the Avigilon H5A  Camera Line.  There are no limits to the number of video analytic rules you can set up.  Moreover, you can use all advanced features like appearance search. 



All 3 editions provide HDSM technology support and HDSM SmartCodec technology support. All editions also provide dual streaming for ONVIF compliant cameras from other manufacturers.  


For a full comparison chart of all the Avigilon ACC editions click here 

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