Electronic Commercial Wireless Door Locks

Electronic wireless locks let you enable access control to your site through an all-in-one system for easier management and improved security.

Explore A Wide Variety of Electronic Door Locks

Easy to install, configure and use, wireless locks provide a ready-to-use access control solution for each door across the whole facility.

Easy to install, configure and use, Avigilon’s numerous supported wireless locks and integrations provide a cost-effective security solution for every door across any deployment size.

Allegion Schlage wireless locks

Allegion Schlage & ENGAGE™ Gateway

Touchless access control for interior doors equipped with Schlage® smart locks. Wirelessly connect using the ENGAGE™ Gateway. No-Tour available.

Allegion Von Duprin wireless locks

Allegion Von Duprin

Heavy-duty Remote Undogging (RU) and Remote Monitoring (RM) crash bars ideal for schools, hospitals and government buildings.

Allegion Simons Voss wireless locks

Allegion Simons Voss

Simons Voss Smart Intego locks consist of a locking cylinder, SmartHandle and padlock to fit into a variety of environments.

Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks

Assa Abloy Aperio

Support a wide range of applications including office doors, cabinets and storage lockers, plus glass, wood, steel and more.

Assa Abloy IP-Enabled wireless locks

Assa Abloy IP-Enabled

IP-enabled locks leverage your current network infrastructure to provide greater security and cost-effective installations.

SALTO Wireless locks


Enhance scalability with locks that support Virtual Network Data-on-Card to facilitate faster access updates with RFID technology.

Enhance Security And Improve Efficiency With Wireless Locks

Wireless locks let you control your doors, generate reports and improve operational efficiency for your site no matter where you are, all through a unified portal.

Lower Installation Time And Cost

You can easily connect your wireless lock to your access control system to get started.

Improve Scalability

With increased compatibility and integration, you get the flexibility to make changes with minimal disruptions.

Improve Site Security

Wireless locks give you the ability to secure any area and monitor access through a simple and easy installation.

installation with electronic locks

Key Features

Better Protected Sites Start By Securing Doors First

Wireless locks let you secure access to your business easily. Form a single door to multiple sites, track who comes and goes at all times with the best in class features of wireless locks.

Key Applications Of Wireless Locks

Residential Buildings lock

Truckyards, Warehouses, and Construction Sites

Eliminate the need for physical keys and seamlessly manage building access.

  • Customizable Credentials
  • Centralized Portal
  • Rugged Lock Designs

Commercial Buildings And Office Complexes

Modernize user access and enhance security to your office building, school, or any other public space.

  • One-Tap Lockdowns
  • Real-time Access Alerts
  • Personnel Tracking
Storage Lockers, Rooms and Cabinets

Storage Lockers, Rooms and Cabinets

Secure important assets like IT equipment, healthcare supplies, and sensitive documents.

  • Cabinet Locks
  • Storage Space Locks
  • Sliding Door Locks

Other Access Control Products For Your Site

Build your access control system and improve site security with the ability to choose your own access method.

Access Credentials

Select from a wide range of access control methods, like keycards, fobs and others.

HID iCLASS 202x iCLASS + Prox Card

Card Readers

Pick from improved and better secured readers based on your access credentials.


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