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Enhance your security with modern door access control solutions that are reliable and easy to use.

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Spotter Security services your business needs no matter which access control product or method you currently use.

Access Credentials

Select from a wide range of access control product methods, like keycards, fobs and others.

Door Controllers

Card Reader

Enable access based on a specific database using access control reader products.

Card reader

Wireless Locks

Equip your business with smart wireless locks that can be programmed for specific situations.

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Access Control Technology

All-in-one Security Solution

Get Improved Security And Convenience With Modern Products Access Control

Modern access control solutions improve site security through entry and exit tracking and improved encryption for tamper-resistance. They also make the entire security system easier to use and manage with seamless integration with older systems and multiple access methods.

  • Multiple Access Control Methods
  • Improved Personnel Tracking
  • Increased Efficiency And Ease of Use


What You Get With Modern Access Control Systems

Experience ease of use and improved operational efficiency with access control products from reputable brands.

Protect Your Business

Protect your business with access control solutions that are easy to use and offer improved security.

Role-Based Access

Limit and personalize access to restricted areas to only a few people and grant temporary access to visitors.

Seamless Integration

Pair your access control system with security cameras, alarm systems and other operations to unlock greater functionality.

Convenient Key Management

Avoid the pain of issuing new keys or changing locks when you need to limit or grant access to employees.

Manage Your Access Control Products Remotely

Manage any number of employees and visitors remotely through a secure portal accessible through any computer device with cloud-based access control.

Remote unlock capabilities

Unlock Remote Capabilities

Manage access control systems from anywhere, locking or unlocking doors from any web-based device with the ability to trigger sitewide lockdowns.

Comprehensive credential support

Support For Various Credentials

Enable the access control credential of your choice: keycards, key fobs, keyless entry, mobile credentials, and biometric verification. Get easier management no matter your credentials.

24/7 access control visibility

24/7 Access Control Visibility

Stay on top of your site security with cloud-based access control product. Know what is happening at any moment with live activity reports, alarm management and other remote capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Access control products can be installed anywhere you want to manage access. Be it an office building, warehouse, manufacturing plant, school campus, or any other place where you want to restrict and control access.

Installing an access control system requires a lot of wiring, integration of physical and network parts. We advise against attempting it yourself and would recommend getting it done from a security service provider so that your system is secure and reliable.
Access control integration with other security systems can improve your overall security. When coupled with security camera systems, it can help keep a better eye on your facility and record any access attempts on site.
Access control systems come with a backup battery to keep the system running when power goes out. If power goes out for longer, it can be programmed to lock or unlock based on the sensitivity of the site so that your site is secure and people can exit in case of an emergency.

You can keep an eye on your system, perform regular health checks and make sure that things are working smoothly. You can also hire Spotter Security’s control desk service to do the maintenance for you so you never have to worry about security maintenance again.

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