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Rapid installation, temporary security cameras that you
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Have an Empty Lot, Commercial Property, or Yard?
Want to watch it From Home?

The world is pretty much frozen in place due to Coronavirus. Buildings and businesses are empty and there is a shortage of live security guards. Because of that, Spotter Security is building & renting out rapid deployment mobile security camera units. Our weatherproof mobile security cameras come equipped with high definition security cameras, a recorder that will save video for over 30 days, highspeed internet for remote viewing, a siren/strobe, and a loudspeaker to warn off intruders.

Have you heard of lot cop?  All over the US and Canada, people are seeing the lot cop mobile security camera unit being deployed at large box retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot.  Similar to Spotter Security’s mobile security camera unit, the lot cop rapid deployment security camera solution that businesses are using to keep an eye on their property.

Your Mobile Security Camera Unit Includes:

generic security camera

High definition cameras to get the details you need


Instant alerts when a person or vehicle is detected

mobile with wifi signal

High speed Internet & 30+ days of video storage

Speaker and light

Strobe-siren & speaker to warm intruders

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Spotter can Watch the Cameras for You!

We have flexible options for your lot cop mobile security camera unit. We get it; some customers like to be in full control and monitor the cameras themselves.  But not everybody has the time or patience to watch their cameras 24 hours a day.  Spotter Security’s live video monitoring station can take over at any time!  When you go to sleep, you can count on our live agents to stay awake and keep watch over your property. The portable lot cop security cameras will run on a schedule that you choose. When the active monitoring times kick in, all activity on your site will be pushed to our video monitoring station.  If our agents spot a crime in progress, we will intervene and stay engaged until the site is clear.

Rote monitoring

Setup of your Outdoor Mobile Security Camera System is Quick

The process involved in the setup of mobile security cameras is pretty simple. All that is needed is power, and our installation team will take care of the rest. The mobile security camera units can be mounted to street lights, parking lot poles, temporary power poles, the roof of a building, exterior wall, and many other locations. The rapid deployment security cameras come pre-programmed with a recorder and high-speed internet, so once they are plugged in, you can start watching your property.


Police Response is Quick when it’s Verified.

Did you know that the average response time for a verified crime is under 10 minutes? You can only verify a crime through sight or sound – someone sees or hears the crime progress. Spotter Security’s temporary security camera solutions make it easy for a crime to be verified. Whether you are monitoring the cameras yourself or you have our remote monitoring station watch them for you, the police can be notified in real-time when a crime is taking place.

The average response time for a verified crime is under 10 minutes?

Remote Intervention is Best

Although the police can be dispatched 90% of the time, you can get rid of loitering, illegal dumping, or a crime with remote intervention. Our mobile security camera unit comes equipped with a siren, strobe, and loudspeaker. Right on the screen, while you are watching the security camera, there is a button that you press to activate the siren and strobe.  If this doesn’t scare them, you can press the microphone button and speak directly to them, letting them know that the site is being watched.


Empty parking lots, construction sites, outdoor yards, commercial buildings. Unfortunately, trouble is everywhere. There is an abundance of security camera solutions on the market, but most of them are used to search video after a crime has already taken place. Spotter Security’s Mobile Security Camera Units are different. Our intelligent security cameras ignore blowing trees, rain, and debris while detecting people and vehicles. When a threat is detected, an instant alert will be sent to your email or phone, prompting you to intervene with our siren, strobe and loudspeaker.


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