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Are You Looking to Increase Security at Your Store?

  • Do you lose money to theft?

  • Tired of complicated video surveillance software?

  • Is shrinkage a problem?

  • Is it time to upgrade your camera system?

  • Do you want to monitor traffic in your store?

  • Looking to monitor staff?

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“A very Knowledgeable and friendly team at Spotter Security. Always keeping up with current trends and offering products that are the ‘right fit’ for my business.”

Ryan V. Owner, Glow zone 360

Do you feel your security system is not working? Let us help you design the perfect solution for your security challenges

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What makes spotters security different?

Security is a huge concern for retail stores –you not only have to take measures against retail theft and inventory shrinkage but also ensure a safe and welcoming environment for staff and customers visiting your store. To keep your store protected you want a video surveillance system that covers key areas and offers an easy to use software.

Being in the security industry for over 15 years, we understand. It sucks to have that vulnerable, uncomfortable feeling of a security problem or safety issue.

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You realize that items are going missing and you have no idea whether it is staff or customers… You don’t know if everything runs the way it should when you’re not present or at another location… You are uncertain if customers are getting tended to properly. You spent thousands getting a security solution and you’re not quite sure that it’s doing the job. And then you have to spend your time and money figuring out what to do next. This may even be your second or third time buying a video surveillance solution.

Spotter Security understands that many retail businesses often do not have sufficient IT resources to install and maintain a security system. That is why we offer 100% customizable video surveillance solutions that will fit the needs of your business.

We can design the perfect video surveillance system for your store using the best available equipment and software. We will talk to you in detail to understand your security concerns. We will explain to you thoroughly what services we recommend for you and how to customize the system to gain maximum security for your premise. Once you are confident and sign up, our professional, well-trained team will install the system and train you on how to use the system. With our control desk service we will also do bi-weekly system health checks to make sure your cameras are recording, your software is up to date, and all hardware is running optimally. We will also be readily available if you need further assistance anytime after installation.

Hundreds of Business Owners, retailers, Facility Managers, and builders have saved time and money using Spotter Security to install, maintain, and monitor their security solution. We make it quick and easy to pick the right security system, get it installed, and let you focus on what you do best – run your business.

Contact Spotter Security to:

1. Get a free consultation by a security system expert who will focus on understanding your needs.
2. Get quickly educated through an online design session on the different technologies available and choose which security solution will work for you.
3. Get a professionally designed system with drawings, specifications, and pricing.
4. Get a clean and professionally installed video surveillance system that will eliminate your security concern and allow you to concentrate on your business.
5. Get free Control Desk for one year.  We will check your cameras every two weeks, perform video reviews upon request, and ensure that your system is running optimally

The right video surveillance installation can go a long way in preventing theft and protecting a store's assets, while also providing safety for its customers and employees. So stop spending time looking for the right security system and contact us instead to be worry free knowing that your retail store is secure.

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