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Are You Struggling to Keep Your Commercial Plaza Safe and Free of Liability?

  • Do you often have vehicle damage disputes on your property?
  • Are you looking for an easy way to track maintenance contractors?
  • Do you have an old camera system that is not effective?
  • Are you too busy to perform video searches?
  • Are you getting complaints from your tenants about plaza security?
  • Is vandalism and property damage costing your business?

Our customers speak for us

Spotter Security helped us implement a video surveillance system across our commercial plaza’s in the GTA.  In total, we have 6 (six) locations with approximately 56 cameras, and Spotter has done a great job at maintaining our system for us.  They remotely check our cameras every 2 weeks to make sure everything is working properly, they upgrade our software regularly, and provide great service and support.

Ciprian B.

Commercial Property Manager at TACC DEVELOPMENTS

Do you feel your security system is not working? Let us help you design the perfect solution for your security challenges

4 Simple Steps to Secure your Commercial Plaza 

Step 1

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Step 2

Join an online design session to figure out how to properly cover your plaza

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Step 3

Cameras record footage 24/7 everyday and we perform bi-weekly checks of your system

Step 4

Rest assured knowing your plaza is well protected


What Makes Spotter Security different?

Running a commercial shopping plaza successfully involves taking care of numerous operational variables including staff management, ensuring tenant and customer safety, growing revenue, minimizing operational costs, lease management, facility administration, finding the perfect tenant mix and of course marketing your plaza to bring in more customers. As the property manager you have your hands full ensuring daily processes are followed e.g. garbage is removed on schedule, pest control visits take place as per agreements, snow removal and other maintenance contractors do their due diligence. On top of that you often have to handle incidents involving vandalism, property damage and vehicle break-ins. Sometimes if you are really unlucky you may even have to deal with violent crimes on your property and help law enforcement dig up evidence to apprehend the perpetrators. All these administrative hassles take up your valuable time which you could use to increase revenue for your commercial plaza. Moreover, many of these issues can expose you to unwanted  and costly legal liabilities.

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Businesses can only thrive in a safe and secure environment that is inviting to their customers. With all the day-to-day operation challenges, securing your premise effectively should not be keeping you up at night. Hiring security guards may be one option, but comes with many limitations, is unreliable and costs are high. You need a security partner who you can rely on to manage video surveillance system at your plaza. That is where spotter security will be able help you. With 16 years of experience providing the best technology combined with excellent customer service, we are an industry leader in the GTA when it comes to protecting businesses.

We can design the perfect video surveillance system for your plaza using the most advanced equipment and software. we will explain to you thoroughly what services you are signing up for and if they are sufficient for your premise. Once you are confident and sign up, our professional well-trained team will install the system and train you to customize your new video surveillance system to maximize the benefits for you. With our control desk service we will also do bi-weekly system health checks to make sure your cameras are recording, your software is up to date, and all hardware is running optimally. We will even perform video searches for you and deal with the headaches of providing evidence to the police.

Hundreds of Business Owners, Facility Managers, and builders have saved time and money using Spotter Security to install, maintain and monitor their security solution. We make it quick and easy to pick the right video surveillance system, get it installed, and let you focus on what you do best – run your commercial plaza.

Contact Spotter Security to:

1. Get a free consultation by a security system expert who will focus on understanding your needs.
2. Get quickly educated through an online design session on the different technologies available and choose which security solution will work for you.
3. Get a professionally designed system with drawings, specifications, and pricing.
4. Get a clean and professionally installed video surveillance system that will eliminate your security concern and allow you to concentrate on your business.
5. Get free Control Desk for one year.  We will check your cameras every two weeks, perform video reviews upon request, and ensure that your system is running optimally

So stop spending time looking for the right video surveillance system and contact us instead to be worry free knowing that your commercial plaza is secure.

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