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Are You Looking for a Security System for Your Business?

  • Are you losing money to theft and property damage? 

  • Are you looking for a security system to improve safety?

  • Is it time to revamp you security camera system?

  • Are you concerned about unwanted visitors?

  • Are you looking to upgrade your access control system?

  • Are you confused about which security solution to choose?


Our customers speak for us

“Spotter Security continuously provides prompt and thorough support for the security needs of our company. Often going above and beyond to ensure our facility is protected as our client require. Many thanks to their skilled technicians for their continued support and thorough knowledge of our environment.”

– Mark Fowle, @ Broadridge financial

Do you feel your security system is not working? Let us help you design the perfect solution for your security challenges

Step 1

Contact us

Step 2

Join an online design session to learn how to increase protection

Step 3

Your video surveillance and access control system is installed. 

Step 4

Rest assured knowing your business is well protected


What Makes Spotter Security Different?

Building or expanding a successful business takes a lot of hard work.  As a business owner or operator, your schedule is already packed with managing your day-to-day operations, you should not have to worry about managing security as well. You do not want to come in early to unlock the office and disable the alarm, review video for incidents that occurred,  or make sure your system is always up and running properly

Being in the Security Industry for over 15 years, We understand. It sucks to have that vulnerable, uncomfortable feeling of a security problem.

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You show up to work to find that someone had broken in... You realize that proper safety procedures were not followed and a near accident occurred… An unwanted visitor randomly walks through your building… You spent thousands getting a security solution and it’s useless. And then you must spend your time and money figuring out what to do next. This may even be your second or third time buying a video surveillance solution or access control system.

You want to find the best security system fast so you’re protected before you have an issue. The problem is that there are a lot of security companies and solutions out there and you don’t have time to look for the right system. At Spotter Security we understand that not every security concern is the same. You don’t want to install the wrong system and then have to spend time and money to replace it. You need expert help to find what’s right for your company. Spotter has helped thousands of companies find the right security for them.

Contact Spotter Security to:

1. Get a free consultation by a security system expert who will focus on understanding your needs.
2. Get quickly educated through an online design session on the different technologies available and choose which security solution will work for you.
3. Get a professionally designed system with drawings, specifications, and pricing.
4. Get a clean and professionally installed video surveillance system that will eliminate your security concern and allow you to concentrate on your business.
5. Get free Control Desk for one year.  We will check your cameras every two weeks, perform video reviews upon request, and ensure that your system is running optimally

So stop spending time looking for the right security system and contact us instead to be worry free knowing that your business is secure.

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