Frequently Asked Questions

Spotter Security is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST Monday to Friday. We offer live phone support during those hours and you can reach us by emailing support@spottersecurity.com or calling our main number (1 (905) 731-7526 or 1 (877) 557-3175) and pressing 1. 

Each Municipality in the GTA has its own charge. The table below summarizes the prices but to find out exact details visit our Areas We Serve page where you can find out about security regarding your city.

Municipality Charge Suspension Police Service
Aurora $200.00 N/A York Regional Police
Brampton $173.00 after 2 alarms Peel Regional Police
Durham $175.00 N/A Durham Regional Police
Markham $200.00 N/A York Regional Police
Mississauga $173.00 after 2 alarms Peel Regional Police
Oakville $60.00 – $120.00 after 4 alarms Halton Regional Police
Richmond Hill $200.00 N/A York Regional Police
Toronto $130.00 after 3 alarms Toronto Police
Vaughan $200.00 N/A York Regional Police

Spotter Security offers a 1 year parts and labour warranty on all new systems installed. Interested in learning more about the products we use for our new systems?


Any projects over $5000.00 require 40% upfront, 40% upon completion of project, and 20% net 30 days.  

Installation and service work is scheduled during regular business hours:  Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 4:00pm (excluding statutory holidays).  Additional labour premiums will apply to schedule work out of normal business hours. 

When a technician is exposed to a fall of 3m (10ft) or more, they must use an aerial platform.  Use of a customer supplied fork lift with driver is prohibited and against our safety policy.  Use of a customer supplied scissor lift is acceptable as long as the equipment has up-to-date safety documentation, is properly functioning, and is fully charged. 

We have a very good understanding of how software works, and what are specific customer needs. All builds are made with that in mind, and we are also staying with the newest hardware on the market, this gives us an edge to have venerability patches as fast as possible if needed, old hardware is not always patched up.

We install TeamViewer application on all our builds in order to provide fast support, if needed. We will not remotely access a system without customer/client authorization. Also in order for us to remote in to the system, customer needs to be on a valid support plan, agrees to pay remote support fee, or have system still under warranty.

No Spotter will not supply hardware that has not been purchased through a third party with of course a few slight exceptions relating to network equipment. 

Spotter will support any system so long as it is a platform that our team is certified on. Learn more about the products we use with confidence.


Monitored hours will be established at the start of the project.  To change a schedule, email support@spottersecurity.com with the site name and schedule change.  

If workers are coming in early or staying late, please notify support@spottersecurity.com as soon as possible.

*Evenings and Weekends – Please call 905-731-7526 or 1-877-551-3175 and press 3 to reach the monitoring station.

We require a constant dedicate power source (Standard 120V outlet preferred)  

VSG cameras can be viewed from any device with the exception of Blackberry’s running on a Blackberry operating system (Non-Android Operating System)

Modern access control systems eliminate the common use of standard key/lock system to gain access through a door or gate.  Spotter works with various manufacturers and can provide anything from basic card readers and keypads to advanced biometric scanners utilizing fingerprint, vein or ocular-based identification such as the retina or the iris. 

Panel will continue to operate with the configuration, that it had, prior to internet doing down. After that all changes that you are making, on the web page, will be pushed to the panel when internet will resume.

S2 Nodes will continue to operate normally, you just won’t be able to perform any changes. Also every node has its own buffer that will store activity and when connection will be restored with main appliance it will be pushed automatically to the appliance, all the records will be maintained.

We are certified in many products. Check out the main products we use or Get in Touch now!



Most systems are configured to record video on motion detection.  The camera or VMS software will distinguish specific pixel changes and save this video with a pre and post buffer of a few seconds.  This is primarily done to optimize retention time and to avoid recording “dead space”.  Spotter does customize each solution and can configure specific cameras to record 24/7, using a specific schedule or when an alarm occurs. 

Spotter can provide a custom solution to fit your video storage needs but the simple answer is that we designs all standard systems to save video for approximately 30 days. 

Typically the video is recorded onto a localized digital storage (Hard Drive) but it can depend on the provided solution.  More advanced systems utilize an array of drives, NAS or even cloud storage.  Spotter will work with you to determine the most robust and cost effective solution depending on your application. 

You definitely can, but if something will go wrong your warranty might be voided and you will be charged for service, labour and possibly new hardware.  

Alarm systems can be monitored using a traditional phone line, the cellular network or through the internet.  Spotter can provide any or all of the mentioned methods depending on your situation and requirements.  Standard telephone lines are becoming a thing of the past so if your organization does not utilize a POTS connection, an IP or cellular communicator can be used as an alternative.  If redundancy is a requirement, a combination of any or all of the above can be utilized.

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