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Security You Can Trust to Cover Your Construction Site

 Video Monitoring Service to Minimize Equipment and Material Loss

Are You Worried about Site Break-ins? 

With building material and expensive equipment everywhere, construction sites are a prime target for theft and vandalism. Without the proper construction site security measures in place, you can expect to have a lot of unplanned costs and delays to your project.

Traditional on-site security guards are expensive and often cannot protect the site properly.

That is why construction companies around Canada are now choosing remote monitoring agents with live security cameras.

Spotter’s Video Security Guard is a remote video monitoring service that acts as a direct replacement to having a team of security guards. This can help slash your security expenses drastically!

 What are Live Security Cameras?

VSG comprises of multiple layers of security protection that is 80% more reliable than traditional security guards, all at a fraction of the cost. HD cameras are placed at strategic locations around your site to capture all high risk points at your construction site. Footage is recorded 24/7 which you can monitor and redeem anytime. These cameras monitor your site and alert professionally trained remote monitoring agents in case of any suspicious activity. Use of intelligent video analytics filter out motion caused by wildlife, weather and other outdoor conditions so that false alarm is minimized. Our team will view your cameras live, and intervene when necessary to talk down to a trespasser through a two-way loudspeaker and alarm system and  alert authorities if needed. Because the alert is verified police will respond faster while incidents are still in progress. You will get daily incident reports and all of this comes to you in an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Do you feel your construction site is vulnerable?  Let us help you design the perfect solution for your security challenges

Real life use of Live Security Cameras

Spotter’s Video Security Guard includes high definition security cameras complete with state-of-the-art video analytics, speakers, and siren/strobe lights that are strategically placed around your construction site.

Are You Worried about Site Break-ins? 

  • Do you need to monitor equipment and material stored on your site?

  • Are you losing money and equipment due to theft and vandalism?

  • Are you looking for a reliable way to monitor your site remotely 24/7?

  • Are you looking for a reliable way to detect fire or other hazards before they create damage? 

  • Do you need to monitor that safety procedures are being followed?

  • Do you want faster police dispatch in case of a crime in progress?


Step 1

Tell us your requirements

Step 2

Send us a site map and we will put together a plan to secure your whole site

Step 3

Cameras record footage 24/7 everyday and trained professionals monitor them live when site is inactive

Step 4

Rest assured knowing your site is well protected

“Spotter Security has been doing a great job ensuring our jobsite is kept free from trespassers. I like how thorough they are with their routine checks and follows ups if incidents do occur. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

– David M @ Mattamy Homes

What Makes Spotter Security Different?

At Spotter Security we know that you want to protect your construction site and stop losing time and money because of theft, damage to equipment, and fires. In order to do that, you need to know who is coming onto your site and when.  The problem is your site is large and covering all the areas is difficult, which makes you feel vulnerable to liability and problems.

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We believe you should have full security coverage 24/7 so you don’t have to worry and waste your time. We understand. Working with a security contractor that you can trust will alleviate your headaches and allow you to concentrate on getting the project complete.

We work with the major builders in Canada, monitoring hundreds of cameras in Ontario alone, and we know how much money construction companies lose because of theft and damage. This is why we install cameras in all areas of your site, we warn unwanted visitors using sirens and speakers, and we send you daily reports with pictures and videos.

4 Simple steps to better construction site security:
1. Contact Us
2. Send us a site map and we put together a plan to secure you whole site.
3. The cameras record 24/7 for over 30 days and we monitor them live at night
4. Sleep better knowing that you will receive a report the next morning of any acitivty

So you can stop worrying about losing money because of poor security and instead you can focus on keeping your project on time and on budget.

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