Security You Can Trust
to Cover Your Construction Site

Live  Video Monitoring Service to Minimize Equipment and Material Loss

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Are You Worried about Construction Site Theft? 

Running a construction site is not easy. There’s so many tasks and trades to manage, figuring out how to keep your site secure is another headache that you don’t need. But, the result of a vulnerable site is unexpected costs that put your project over budget.

Which solution can you trust to do the job? 

Security guards are expensive and unreliable, while regular security cameras don’t really do anything.

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How our Live Video Security Guard Can Protect Your Site

VSG Box Explained
Always Recording the Details You Need
Watched by Professionals 24/7
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Do you feel like your site is vulnerable?

  • Need to keep watch over equipment and material?

  • Losing money and time due to theft and vandalism?

  • Need a way to monitor safety procedures?

  • Looking for a reliable security camera system to record 24/7?

  • Want to keep people away when your site is closed?

  • Need to know when contractors show up and leave?

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Let Spotter guide you to the same construction site security
used by general contractors, home builders, and some
Canada’s top land developers.

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The most effective way to scare off intruders and notify the authorities

Security-done-right has GREAT power

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Getting your construction site secured is simple

Together we’ll protect your Site

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We’ll answer all your questions and help you layout the right camera coverage

Get a Design

Get a drawing with an itemized quote so you know exactly what your paying for

Protect Your Site

Have us install and monitor it 24/7, while you rest knowing you’re secure

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“Spotter Security has been doing a great job ensuring our jobsite is kept free from trespassers. I like how thorough they are with their routine checks and follows ups if incidents do occur. Thanks and keep up the great work!”

– David M @ Mattamy Homes

Why work with Spotter Security?

Keeping your construction site secure is challenging! There is nothing worse than showing up in the morning only to discover that there was vandalism or missing equipment. The problem is your site is large and covering all areas is difficult. This makes you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable.

We believe you should have full security coverage 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs that throw your project over budget.

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Being in the security industry for over 16 years, we get it. Working with a security contractor that you can trust will alleviate your headaches and allow you to focus on completing the project.

If you call Spotter Security you will get a:

  • 1. Free consultation and demo on the solution that will fix your problem
  • 2. Professionally designed system with a drawing and itemized quote
  • 3. High definition security camera system that records 24/7
  • 4. Dedicated team that watches your cameras live after hours
  • 5. Reports of any activity during non-construction hours
  • 6. Service, maintenance, and ongoing support as you need it

So you can stop spending time looking for a Security Solution and instead be worry free knowing that your site is secure.

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