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3 Common Warehouse Security Issues That Can be Fixed with Technology

Keeping employees and visitors safe and reducing the risk of theft is essential to the success of your facility and business. Common logistics and warehouse security issues include theft of cargo or truck parts from parked vehicles, pilferage often from within your organization, and unauthorized visitors accessing your facilities. With the proper security setup, you can reduce these and other risks and protect your business.

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How to Setup a License Plate Recognition Camera System

License plate recognition (LPR), or capture, is a key component of most security camera systems. But there is more to license plate capture than installing a security camera.

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5 Great Features in Milestone XProtect Smart Client

When bad things happen – and they inevitably do – you need to be able to react quickly. That is why choosing an easy-to-use video management system (VMS) is key to your security and safety solution’s success. Milestone XProtect has been around for over 20 years.

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3 Reasons Why a Business Should Choose Milestone XProtect VMS

Milestone XProtect is an excellent option because it can grow with your business. It supports thousands of devices, is user-friendly and accessible around the world. If you already know what a video management system (VMS) is, you will likely have heard of Milestone Systems.

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2 Common Uses of Video Analytics that Help Businesses

Although video analytics can do remarkable things like facial detection, understanding the threat or risk is essential when setting up a system. Video analytics can be a central part of a video surveillance system solution.

DVR vs NVR vs VMS: Which security recording system is best?

No matter how large or small, a security system is essential. But choosing a DVR vs NVR vs VMS and understanding how surveillance cameras record is key. All video recorders have the same basic function–to store video. The difference is how each system is managed and administered.

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Construction Site Security Checklist

With building material and expensive equipment everywhere, it’s no wonder that construction sites are a prime target for theft and vandalism. Without the proper construction site security measures in place, you can expect to have many unplanned costs and delays to your project. Here is what we recommend to secure your site.

How S2 Systems Can Secure Your Business

Access control and video monitoring systems are developing rapidly to deliver top-quality web-based services in demanding market circumstances. S2 Security provides security solutions and web-based services that are modern and effective, suitable for every sort of business that is cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about installing a complicated network of servers and other devices.

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5 Common Security Problems for Commercial Plazas & How to Solve Them

Securing commercial plazas and shopping malls is a challenge. From shoppers on foot to all kinds of vehicles, contractors, tenants, and loiterers, it is a large task to keep tabs on all that is going on. So how do you improve commercial shopping plaza security and protect your property, your tenants, and your visitors? Here are five common security problems that commercial plazas suffer from and what you can do today to prevent or combat these problems.

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How Security Alarm Systems Can Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

Logistics and warehouse companies are attractive targets for theft because they are loaded with valuable goods. Often trucks, loaded with goods to be delivered the following day are left on-premise at night, end up being broken into, and large floor spaces and multiple entry points make warehouses difficult to secure. Here's how a security alarm system can make your warehouse more safe and efficient.

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