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3 Reasons Why a Business Should Choose Milestone XProtect VMS

Milestone XProtect is an excellent option because it can grow with your business. It supports thousands of devices, is user-friendly and accessible around the world. If you already know what a video management system (VMS) is, you will likely have heard of Milestone Systems.

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2 Common Uses of Video Analytics that Help Businesses

Although video analytics can do remarkable things like facial detection, understanding the threat or risk is essential when setting up a system. Video analytics can be a central part of a video surveillance system solution.

DVR vs NVR vs VMS: Which security recording system is best?

No matter how large or small, a security system is essential. But choosing a DVR vs NVR vs VMS and understanding how surveillance cameras record is key. All video recorders have the same basic function–to store video. The difference is how each system is managed and administered.

By |2021-04-19T09:51:17-04:00November 2nd, 2020|Video Surveillance|0 Comments
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