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Spotter Security is a Canadian Authorized Kouba Systems Dealer

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Kouba Systems is a USA manufacturer of electronic security and access control devices specialist in tailgate detection systems. They aim to develop a reliable way to stop people from tailgating when entering a business. Their non-proprietary solutions can be set up as a stand-alone system or added to an existing access control system.

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As a Kouba Canadian authorized dealer, Spotter Security can install and service any Kouba tailgate system for your business.

Kouba Basic Tailgate Detection

increase the level of security at controlled doors

Tailgating occurs when a single individual is permitted entry, yet multiple people enter the secured area. Kouba’s tailgate detectors enhance security at controlled doors by ensuring that only one person enters the secured area for each valid card presented.


Kouba Systems - TG-ADC

To monitor traffic via a single broad entryway, the TG-ADC SERIES uses one TG-ADC interface board with anti-tailgate software and a pair of single or dual beam sensor housings. The TG-ADC makes use of standard card reader system inputs and outputs.


Kouba - Local Door Alarm (LDA)

The TG-L SERIES uses an internal tailgate monitoring program and one Local Door Alarm (LDA) circuit board. One or two sets of Doorway Mounted Sensors monitor the card reader-controlled door to determine and notify of unauthorized entry through the door. LDATG uses standard card reader system inputs and outputs.

Kouba Basic Tailgate Detection 36 Inch

Kouba Tailgate with Door Control System (TG-L-36)

The Kouba Systems Tailgate with Door Control System (TG-L-36) features 36-inch directional sensor arrays placed on the vertical sides of the door frame to offer better monitoring, pedestrian counting, and access control through protected entrances. The display plates near the card reader have LEDs that indicate System Armed (red), Access Granted (green), and System in Alarm (buzzer activated). The TGL-36 integrates with existing access control systems and communicates with relay contacts through the building access control system (BACS).

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Complete Tailgate Detection

To provide enhanced monitoring, pedestrian counting, and access control, the Kouba Systems Tailgate with Door Control System (TG-DC) uses 36-inch directional sensor arrays mounted to the vertical faces of the doorframe in conjunction with overhead sensor arrays. The TG-DC can integrate with existing access control systems. It communicates with the BACS with relay contacts. Like the TG-L-36, the TG-DC also has display plates near the card reader with LEDs and a buzzer alarm system.

Kouba Tailgate with Door Control System (TG-DC)


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