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Spotter Security is a Canadian Authorized HID Dealer

HID Physical Access Control Products to Help Secure Your Building

An ASSA ABLOY Group brand headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global operates international offices that support more than 100 countries. Powering the trusted identities of the world’s people, places, and things, they make it possible for people to work productively and safely and travel easily.

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Spotter Security has been an HID Global authorized dealer in Canada since 2004.
As a Canadian HID physical access control dealer, we can install and service the right solution for you.

Provide Access to Your Building with HID Access Cards

Cards, Key Fobs, or Mobile Credentials

HID iClass SE


For high and ultra-high frequency SIO-enabled credentials, the iCLASS SE combines access control with long-range parking and gate control for a dual technology solution in a single card.

HID iClass


For high-frequency contactless smart card credentials

HID SeosCard


Seos offers the ideal mix of security and flexibility, with cryptography for the best data and privacy protection.

HID Prox

HID Prox

The HID Proximity credentials offer an affordable and strong solution for entry-level access control.

HID Indala Proximity

Indala® Proximity

The Indala Proximity supports legacy Indala Prox credential populations with 125kHz.

HID Mobile Access®

HID Mobile Access®

Use a smartphone, tablet or wearable device to access doors, gates, networks and more.

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HID Readers To Provide Access To Your Building

Choose the right HID reader for any door.

Signo Readers

HID Signo™ Readers

HID Global's signature line of readers.

HID Signo Readers are fully compatible with HID Reader Manager. They are easy to install and upgrade. The Signo Readers provide unrivalled security and powerful performance to protect businesses. Features include surface detection and out-of-the-box support for OSDP Secure Channel Protocol.


iCLASS SE® Readers

Secure, high-frequency, BLE-enabled readers.

iCLASS SE® Readers are versatile and powered by Seos®, providing growing support for credential technology and form factors. Use the iCLASS SE® Readers with cards, wristbands, mobile devices and fobs. The iCLASS SE® Readers are ideal for parking and gate control solutions.

multiCLASS SE Readers

multiCLASS SE® Readers

Supports multiple technologies for seamless migration

The dynamic, multiCLASS SE 13.56 MHz contactless readers support cards, fobs and mobile devices. The multiCLASS SE® Readers are adaptable and compatible with a growing range of technologies. For additional protection of identity data, multiCLASS SE readers come equipped with Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) data model.

Indala Proximity Readers

Indala® Proximity Readers

Legacy readers that support Indala 125kHz credentials.

The 125 kHz HID Indala Proximity Readers bring intelligent programming technology with reliable performance with a choice of style and colour to match your space. Featuring FlexSecur® technology, the Indala Proximity Readers protect customers’ cards from being read by other readers. Available in Wave, Curve, Arch, and Linear styles.

Proximity Readers

HID Proximity® Readers

Legacy readers that support 125kHz credentials.

A popular entry-level option for physical access control is the HID Global Proximity card reader. The HID Prox Readers are affordable, have a read range up to 24.0˝ (61.0 cm) and can be used with smart cards, fobs, or tags. They feature contactless 125 kHz RFID technology and come in several sizes and mounting options.

Biometric Readers and Modules

Biometric Readers and Modules

Biometric tools for the most secure environments

There is a biometric reader and module for any environment. Extended Access Technologies include single finger and tenprint options. Other biometric options include multimodal devices that combine fingerprint with other biometric modalities for quick ID, iris scanners, palm print readers and mobile readers.

How to Get HID for Your Building

Together, We Will Protect Your Business.

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HID Mercury Controllers

Designed and Manufactured Specifically for Access Control.

HID Mercury Controllers provide the most reliable and scalable open platform. Built on an open architecture, the Mercury controllers adapt easily to emerging technologies, changing industry standards and evolving network environments. Save costs while staying current with Mercury Controllers.

Mercury Controller

HID FARGO Card & ID Badge Printers

Print Cards and Badges On Demand

Available with a wide range of features and functions, you can easily find an ID card and badge printer to meet your needs.

HID FARGO INK1000 Inkjet Card Printer & Encoder

HID® FARGO® INK1000 Inkjet Card Printer & Encoder

Easy to use and affordable, the FARGO® INK1000 features unique inkjet technology.

HID FARGO C50 ID Card Printer

HID FARGO C50 ID Card Printer

Quick and easy direct-to-card printing of full-color loyalty, membership or corporate ID cards.

HID FARGO DTC1250e ID Card Printer & Encoder

HID FARGO DTC1250e ID Card Printer & Encoder

The fastest ID card printer in its class. Produces full-colour, secure ID cards and badges on-demand.


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