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A Motorola Solutions Company

As a North American security systems manufacturer with global headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Avigilon is a leader in high-definition video surveillance. A Motorola company, the products include a range of fixed video, advanced analytics, and intelligent access control solutions suitable for any business environment. You can find thousands of their products on properties worldwide, and their devices enable you to find and share critical information quickly, so you can respond promptly to situations and keep everyone and everything safe and secure.

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For more than a decade, Spotter Security has been an Avigilon systems dealer in Toronto, Ontario. As your Canadian dealer, we can help you design, install, and service any Avigilon product.

AI & Video Analytics

Detect, Identify and track objects of interest allowing for a more comprehensive security solution & smarter video management. Easily customizable & scalable to grow with your company.

Cameras & Sensors

Recognize new objects and patterns with sensors providing early warning of potential threats to keep you and your property safe with Avigilon video surveillance & security camera system.

Video Infrastructure

Avigilon video infrastructure provides an end-to-end solution for managing large video surveillance systems. It includes HD cameras and encoders, IP network switches, Storage solutions & VMS.

Access Control Manager

Protect your facilities & employees. The Avigilon access control platform provides a comprehensive & highly scalable platform to secure your premises and can be easily integrated with existing security systems. 

Video Management Software

Avigilon Video Security & Analytics Solutions offers video management software (ACC – 7) which allows for efficient and effective monitoring of security footage. It’s the latest & most advanced version of ACC video management software. 

Motorola Solutions Integrations

Avigilon cameras are designed to work seamlessly with Motorola Solutions integrations. Avigilon’s open platform allows for a wide range of third-party integrations, providing customers with the greatest flexibility and safety.

Avigilon Cameras

A Made in North America Camera for Any Situation

avigilon H5A DOME CAMERA

H5A Camera Line

Next-generation video analytics technology providing a smarter and more powerful video security solution.


A next-generation video analytics technology, the Avigilon H5A camera line provides a more innovative and powerful video security solution. With features like adaptive IR, audio, integrated IR LEDs, and multiple lens options, the H5A cameras let you capture critical security events faster.
H5SL Camera Line

H5SL Camera Line

A versatile and cost-effective security solution, the H5SL is easy to install and simple to use.


With value and simplicity at its core, the H5SL camera offers a variety of design features, including content adaptive infrared, various lens options and wide dynamic range. And for excellent detail in low-light situations, the H5SL camera comes with Lightcatcher™ technology.
H4 Multisensor Camera

H4 Multisensor Camera

The H4 Multisensor Camera Line provides excellent scene coverage and high image detail from all angles.


Equipped with 3 or 4 independently programmable and easily positioned camera sensors, the H4 Multisensor Camera provides great scene coverage and high picture resolution with detail up to 32 MP total resolution. Monitor almost any area with features like video analytics, content-adaptive IR, wide dynamic range and Lightcatcher™ technology.

H4 Mini Dome Cameras

H4 Mini Dome Camera

The H4 Mini Dome is the smallest camera within the Avigilon H4 camera line.

Small and discreet

The H4 Mini Dome camera prides itself on its size, modular design and entry-level price point. Easily snap it into a surface, pendant mount or in-ceiling adapters for easy installation. Features like integrated IR illuminators, wide dynamic range and unusual motion detection make the H4 Mini Dome Camera a must-have surveillance camera for those discrete areas.

H5 Pro Camera

H5 Pro Camera Line

Ideal for maximum scene coverage and rich image detail.

high-quality live and recorded footage

The Avigilon H5 Pro camera is built for large spaces providing maximum coverage and rich image detail. Fitted with an enhanced frame rate and low light performance, you can capture high-quality live and recorded footage with fewer cameras. The H5 Pro is water and impact-resistant and is full of great features such as facial recognition support, Lightcatcher™ technology and H.264 and H.265 HDSM Smartcodec™ compression technologies.

H5A Fisheye Camera

H5A Fisheye Camera

Cover large areas from a single vantage point and get the big picture.

360° Coverage

For superior situational awareness without any blind spots, the H5A Fisheye Camera has you covered. It is easy to install and cost-effective. Rich in features like audio recording, adaptive IR technology, and next-generation video analytics, the 360° panoramic views make the H5A ideal for schools, retailers, offices, hospitals and manufacturing plants.

Looking for a high-quality, reliable security camera system?

Avigilon is your best option! Avigilon’s security cameras are industry-leading, high-definition video surveillance cameras that provide superior image quality and detail with features such as AI-based facial recognition, integrated audio capabilities, automatic IR beam, Remote control access, flexible installation options & intelligent thermal imaging.

Avigilon’s security cameras are ideal for large and complex environments where the highest levels of security are required.

We in partnership with Avigilon offer holistic Video Surveillance & Wireless Security Camera systems installed with the most advanced & AI-based video analytics & security solutions. We offer a wide range of surveillance camera solutions that are designed to meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor system, we have something perfect for you. We make sure that you’re getting the best possible protection. And with our easy-to-use software, you’ll be able to manage your system from any computer or mobile device.

Access Control - Your expert in security systems

Avigilon Control Center ACC7 Software

CCTV Software Made to Compliment Avigilon Cameras


Avigilon Control Center (ACC7) Video Management Software

A powerful video management software, ACC7, the latest version that replaced ACC5 and ACC6, seamlessly records Avigilon and other CCTV IP cameras from different manufacturers.

Video Analytics & AI

Analytics & Facial Recognition

Easily add analytics and facial recognition to your security camera system. Built-in analytics combined with appearance search make Avigilon control center server software a superior choice.

ACC Mobile

Avigilon Control Centre Web Client & Mobile

Quickly and easily monitor your Avigilon CCTV camera system and respond to events from anywhere using Control Web Client or with the Avigilon Mobile app, available for Android and Apple.

Avigilon Benefits

Workplace Safety

Sleep easier at night knowing that you have 24/7 surveillance. With Avigilon Video Security Surveillance Cameras businesses can easily configure the system to detect potentially dangerous situations and send alerts to security personnel so that they can respond quickly.

Network Security

Get rest assured knowing that your organization is threats-proof with Avigilon’s industry-leading network security solutions. Avigilon – integrated security solutions are designed to protect your critical infrastructure and confidential data from unauthorized access, theft, or destruction.

License Plate Recognition

Track the movement of vehicles in and around your property with Avigilon’s license plate reading camera enables security operators to track the whereabouts of authorized personnel, assess traffic flow and easily find license plate video for verification & investigation.

Appearance Search

Save your time and hassle with Avigilon’s Powerful Appearance Search tool allows you to quickly find specific people or objects in video footage & easily identifies criminals or missing persons such finding specific objects in a retail store.

Reduced Bandwidth Usage

Avigilon cameras use HDSM technology to reduce bandwidth usage by up to 50%. This means that businesses can save on costs associated with streaming video footage, while still having access to high-quality images.

Self-Learning AI

Improve your decision making & response times with Avigilon self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) security platform designed to constantly learn & evolve & providing organizations with the most advanced security available such as reduced false alarms, early detection & greater coverage.

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Increased safety and security for your business, employees & visitors.

Avigilon Servers and Appliances

Reliable, Secure and Scalable Security Solutions

NVR Server

Avigilon NVR Server

Exceptional throughput, retention and performance.

Analtics Appliances

Avigilon Analytics Appliance

All in one NVR and analytics appliances.

ES Appliance

Avigilon ES Appliance

Record locally, view centrally, manage remotely.

Avigilon Analog Encoder

Avigilon Analog Encoders

A cost-effective way to migrate legacy analog systems to a network-based IP system.

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM)

Manage Access to Your Building with ACM

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