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Securing Zandal Metals: A Control Desk success story


Our client, Zandal Metals*, a prominent metals distribution and processing company headquartered in Canada, stands among the largest in North America. Operating across the continent, they have numerous sites across Canada and the United States. Their core operations involve handling and processing metals, requiring utmost safety and security measures. 

In the metals distribution industry, safety is paramount. With extensive metal and machinery on-site, maintaining a secure and controlled environment is essential. Site Managers have their hands full overseeing operations, monitoring safety compliance, and enhancing security.


Zandal Metals was in search for a comprehensive security solution that would ensure reliable coverage of their entire site. They needed a solution that allowed them to:

  • Monitor operations to ensure safety procedures were followed.
  • Document incidents for liability and insurance purposes.
  • Enhance security by tracking deliveries and outgoing shipments.
  • Maintain a user-friendly system, as site managers were already juggling busy schedules.
  • Comply with strict network security policies to safeguard their infrastructure.

Above that, once they installed a system to tackle all of these challeneges, maintaining it was a major problem. Their IT department was already overwhelmed and maxed out. Hiring more staff, training them, and managing them is expensive and increased workload for managmenet.


Installation of a robust security system that fits the technological standards and industry specific demands to secure the site was a first challenge as Zandal Metals did not want to compromise on the coverage, while maintaining a user-friendly and secure environment.

However, main challenge was ensuring the system’s continuous reliability and optimal performance after the installation without making it a hassle for Zandal Metal’s operations team.

Users needed swift and efficient support whenever issues arose, yet finding the time to manage such a vast surveillance network proved challenging. This included keeping firmware and software up to date, managing user access, conducting video searches in the event of incidents, applying critical software updates, and maintaining the clarity of camera images. With a large-scale video surveillance system, these responsibilities demanded significant time and resources, diverting their focus from core operational tasks.


Zandal Metals were referred to Spotter Security by an old client. After the initial meeting and understanding the pain points, Spotter Security presented a tailored security design for Zandal Metals including various combinations of hardware and software options suiting to their demands. They opted for Milestone xProtect video management software, renowned for its efficiency and reliability.

In addition, they chose Axis cameras, known for their superior hardware quality. This combination meant that 10 additional servers, with 200 new cameras were installed across various sites as a part of security system installation that guaranteed a smart and reliable coverage of the site. However, solving the main challenge remained, which was to keep it all functioning well without burdening the in-house operations team.

In order to address the security system upkeep and maintenance challenges, Zandal Metals signed up for our specialized Control Desk service tailored to keep a security system running, do health checks, ensure that cameras are always recording and help with user management and video search in case of an incident. A solution that took over all the managerial hassle from Zandal Metal’s hands.

Spotter Security’s Control Desk Service

Health checks and backups: Our team continuously monitors the client’s extensive camera system, checking for system health, making sure there are no gaps in coverage and that all cameras keep recording without disruptions.

Incident Documentation: Zandal Metals’ team does not have to sift through footage to look for a particular incident. Our team handles video search, collecting evidence and even coordinates with the police and insurance.

Regular Maintenance: To prevent downtime, regular system maintenance, including software updates, camera checkups, and annual on-site visits are conducted to ensure there are no loose connections or faulty wires.

Round-the-clock technical support: In order to manage users, authorize access, or resolve any issue, our 24/7 technical support remains only a call away so the system keeps running without the hassle of managing it.

After enjoying a complimentary year of Control Desk, our client recognized its value and subscribed for the next year. Spotter Security’s dedicated team now manages their camera system, relieving the client’s IT personnel and ensuring that the system runs smoothly, 24/7.


Spotter Security’s comprehensive control desk solution had a profound impact on Zandal Metals’ business operations.

Here are the results they achieved:

1. Better coverage

Security cameras now operate seamlessly because our control desk service makes sure there are no disruptions in video recording. Be it video loss, network errors, storage issues, or camera obstructions, all problems are caught and fixed regularly. Many times, spider-webs have been removed, and camera lenses cleaned to ensure optimal image quality.

2. Quick support

With the new and capable Control Desk, Zandal Metals does not have to burden their IT department with managing the security system. Instead, they can just call our technical support team and get instant help on any problem they face.2.

3. Timely Updates

Our Control Desk ensures that the system runs on the latest firmware available and that the video management software is up-to-date, so the client does not have to do it on their own or experience gaps in coverage because of it.

4. Incident Video Search

In case of incidents, instead of burdening their already busy with operational tasks, our Control Desk looks up for incident videos and collects them for whoever might need them: the police, or Zandal Metals themselves.

In summary, our client, a leader in the metals industry, overcame safety and security challenges with Spotter’s tailored solution. By selecting industry-leading software and hardware, they secured their operations while maintaining a user-friendly and secure environment. With Spotter Security’s ongoing support through Control Desk, they have peace of mind, knowing their system is in expert hands.


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