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With the growing Canadian economy, new businesses are looking to find working spaces in business centers that provide a healthy working environment and facilities for their staff. This also means that while searching for an office space these businesses look for safety and security measures installed inside the building to ensure the safety of their staff. Tricon Business Center is located in the Greater Toronto Area which is a relatively new hub for businesses. It has a range of tenants which includes startups, small and medium enterprises.

The management recognized the need to upgrade their access control system from a legacy access control setup to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the building. This is because of the high volume of people moving in and out daily.

However, Tricon Business Center had trouble managing and maintaining its old access control system. The system was not good and required a lot of time and manpower to keep the building safe and secure which made it inefficient. For instance, tenants often experienced long waits at entry points due to slow processing which caused frustration.

Additionally, the security staff struggled to coordinate efforts because the old system consisted of standalone units that didn’t communicate well with each other.

Specific Needs for Cloud Based System:

The management team at Tricon requested for a cloud based access control system due to different needs, such as:

  • Remote Management Capability: The ability to manage security settings from far away was a need of the hour for Tricon because their main team travels regularly. For example, during a recent business trip, the facility manager couldn’t update access permissions which caused long delays and security risks.
  • Real Time Updates: The tenant mix at Tricon is constantly changing. This kind of environment where there was constant changes happening needed a system that could adapt new data quickly and ensures a smooth access permission. There were instances where outdated access lists caused unauthorized entries. This resulted into many security threats.

  • Scalability: Tricon is planning for expansion. They needed a security solution that could grow with them and help in scalability as the needs have evolved. The old system was not so efficient and it got hard for it to keep up with the current demand which lead to inefficiency during peak hours.


Tricon’s existing manual security system was increasingly mismatched with the scale and pace of their operations:

Inadequate Access Management

The outdated system was slow and prone to errors, unable to keep up with the volume of people moving through the building. This resulted in many people to wait at entrance and it can have a very bad impact on the overall business center.

For instance, many visitors reported waiting up to 15 minutes to enter the business center. Complaints were also received by the staff about the system being too slow and inefficient.

Disconnected Systems

The previous access control system at Tricon consisted of units that did not interact with each other made the tracking, coordination of security measure, and access control hard.

For example, in an incident where a visitor followed a tenant into the building without proper authorization went undetected. This was mainly due to the reason of having no connection between access control and surveillance system in the previous system at Tricon. Incident like this can lead to security head not responding on time which can ultimately result into security breaches.


Spotter Security, which is a reliable partner and a main distributor of Brivo, took the step towards transforming Tricon’s security system with good solutions.

Cloud Based Access Control

After understanding the requirements from the Tricon team, Spotter Security suggested Brivo’s cloud-based system to simplify access permission management, allowing for adjustments from any location in real time. This helped the Tricon team by providing them control and flexibility. The Brivo Access system has automated access provisioning, custom access rules, and detailed audit trails, which improve security and efficiency.

Brivo OnAir Video Surveillance

To ensure that all entry, exit and critical points were being monitored thoroughly at the Tricon Business Center, Brivo system was integrated with an access control system which helped in enhancing the monitoring capabilities. One other thing this system provided was live video surveillance which was connected to Tricon data access directly. This integration was crucial for monitoring traffic flow and responding to security incidents. The system supported high definition video, remote viewing, and intelligent video analytics which helped by increasing the efficiency of the system.

Brivo Mobile Pass

To manage the large number of visitors Brivo Mobile Pass was used to simplify access management for the Tricon security team. This solution turns smartphones into access credentials which allow users to unlock doors and enter the building with their phones. It simplifies the entry process and also improves user experience by reducing reliance on physical keycards and minimizing the risk of lost or stolen cards.

Brivo ACS300-E Access Control Panel

Spotter Security suggested Brivo ACS300-E Access Control Panel system for its strong performance and scalability. It supported multiple door configurations and integrated easily with the cloud based system which was needed. It also ensures access control for an increasing number of users and entry points.

Brivo ACS6000 Control Panel

With growing business potential it was important to have a system that offers adaptability and scalability, the Brivo ACS6000 was installed to manage a larger number of access points. It supports advanced security features like multi factor authentication and real time monitoring which ensures that Tricon’s security infrastructure can grow with its expanding operations.

Integrated Video Surveillance

Brivo’s cloud based video surveillance was combined with the access control system to create a view of visitor management and traffic flow within the building. This setup allows real time monitoring and immediate playback linked directly to specific access events which improves overall efficiency.


After Spotter Security’s intervention and upgrade of Tricon Business Center’s security there was a significant increase in the efficiency of the security processes. The installation of Brivo’s cloud-based systems at Tricon Business Center brought about transformative outcomes:

  • Streamlined Access Management: Entry processes became faster and more reliable, significantly improving the daily flow of traffic and reducing entry delays by 50%. Tenants reported a reduction in wait times from an average of 10 minutes to just 2 minutes during peak hours.

  • Efficient Security System: The combination of the both cloud based access control system and Brivo security management systems reduced the workload for security staff by 40%. The centralized management and real time updates enhanced the overall efficiency which allowed security personnel to focus on proactive monitoring rather than manual processes. Feedback from the security team highlighted the ease of use and the significant reduction in administrative tasks.

  • Scalable and Adaptable Security Framework: The cloud based system provided the flexibility to scale the security infrastructure according to business needs. Since its installation, Tricon has added three new office suites without any disruptions to the security system. The management team praised the seamless expansion capabilities and the system’s adaptability to accommodate future growth.


Spotter Security’s deployment of Brivo’s cloud-based access control and video surveillance systems has fundamentally enhanced both the security and operational dynamics at Tricon Business Center. The main benefits and successful outcomes of this project include streamlined access management, significantly reduced entry delays, improved overall security efficiency, and a scalable system that can grow with Tricon’s future needs. Tenants and management have expressed high satisfaction with the new system, citing its convenience, reliability, and the enhanced security it provides.

This case study underscores the strategic foresight of Tricon’s management in choosing a scalable, cloud based solution. By integrating advanced technologies, they have not only addressed their current security challenges but also positioned themselves to adapt to future needs effortlessly. This solution can be applied to other buildings or similar settings, offering a good framework for managing security in dynamic and growing environments. The success at Tricon serves as a model for other commercial properties seeking to modernize their security infrastructure and improve operational efficiency.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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