Avigilon is a leader in video surveillance and provides a vast selection of cutting-edge products to use in security systems. It is a top-rated security brand of Motorola Solutions specializing in Avigilon cameras and video management software.

Avigilon Cameras come in many types such as the H5A, H5SL, H4 Multisensor, H4 Mini-dome, H5 Pro, H5A Fish Eye, and H5A Rugged PTZ cameras. Selecting the right camera model for your business can be challenging. This guide will help you choose the right camera for your application.

Avigilon Camera Types
Avigilon H5A Cameras

1. Avigilon H5A Cameras

The H5A provides the most comprehensive, intelligent, and complete solution for your business security needs. It is packed with an extensive list of smart features to give you peace of mind. H5A cameras feature the most powerful and advanced full HD camera sensor with a range of new smart functionality. Its cutting-edge technology brings enhanced intelligence to your video surveillance system, so it can better protect what matters to you most.

The H5A camera line provides video analytics to detect and track more objects. It detects unusual activity with IR beam and facial recognition technology. It can identify, track, capture, and analyze multiple objects in a scene simultaneously. The H5A has helped thousands of businesses worldwide secure their premises with its wide range of features and affordable price points.

The advanced object detection system can easily detect 50 people simultaneously, making it beneficial for large parking lots and management. It can also identify if a person attempts to steal a car or bike by analyzing the object’s movement. The weather resistance feature makes it a suitable option for all types of weather. The H5A camera is ideal for shopping malls, parking lots, and entrances where people are likely to come with a truck or car to steal items.

2. Avigilon H5SL Cameras

The H5SL camera line is designed for city surveillance with built-in IR illumination, wide dynamic range (WDR) capabilities, and low light performance. The product has a small but powerful sensor that enhances day/night performance in all lighting conditions, including extreme darkness, due to its advanced infrared technology. The H5SL can provide unusual motion detection alerts through email or SMS. Its network connection enables easy installation without any additional power supply required at the back of the device.

Avigilon H5SL Cameras

The HDSM SmartCode technology will keep bandwidth down and lower storage costs. It can monitor a large area with its 90° viewing angle, making it convenient for security guards who patrol a wide area frequently. The H5SL camera’s built-in infrared LEDs provide night vision ranging up to 50 meters in dark conditions. This feature makes it ideal for low-lit areas where light is not present at all times.

The camera automatically switches from colour mode during the day. It then changes into a monochrome mode when there is a lack of illumination. Thus, this feature allows cameras to capture better images even in pitch-dark conditions without interference from bright sunlight. With these advanced features, H5SL provides complete protection against theft attempts by criminals as well as natural disasters. Thus, the H5SL camera is ideal for storage rooms and entrances with a lot of open space and limited lighting at night.

H4 Multisensor Camera

3. Avigilon H4 Multisensor Cameras

H4 Multisensor camera is another top-tier product from Avigilon that comes with adjustable camera sensors for ultimate flexibility. H4 can automatically switch between day and night modes, giving it the ability to adapt seamlessly to any lighting conditions. It also comes with powerful video analytics powered by adaptive IR technology, providing an accurate way to monitor people and vehicles within a scene.

The unique panoramic view of our multisensor cameras can see up to 360 degrees. Therefore, you no longer have to choose just one angle of view for your security system. The H4 provides 360° coverage, safeguarding against thefts where conventional protection falls short. It features advanced object tracking, real-time shutter speed adjustment, auto daylight saving time, and other camera line-specific features. The H4 utilizes advanced video technology and a variety of smart features that help it protect your business.

The H4 is the most comprehensive, intelligent, and complete solution for parking lots and large spaces. It connects with a single cable to the camera and one license. However, you are getting multiple cameras because the multisensor comes with 3-4 sensors in one housing. In every case, the 32 MP resolution delivers clear, detailed images. The powerful H4 sensor can distinguish moving objects from stationary ones, reducing false alarms.

4. Avigilon H4 Mini Dome Camera

The Avigilon H4 minidome camera is an innovative product that maximizes protection through state-of-the-art features. It offers optical zoom with up to 3MP high resolution for smart intelligence and excellent image quality. Its compact design blends seamlessly into any environment while still operating quietly without being noticed.

H4 Mini Dome Cameras

It comes with HDSM SmartCodec that delivers high-definition video in all types of lighting conditions. This technology can reduce bandwidth and storage usage by compressing video streams while keeping sharp images intact. Its advanced object detection capability makes it easy for users to identify targeted objects effectively, reducing the number of review hours of recorded footage manually. This camera is suitable for storage rooms, IT rooms, small spaces, and entrances.

The Adaptive IR technology in this camera enables night vision capabilities in complete darkness with no visible light. This feature provides unprecedented intelligence to capture every detail within the scene and helps provide added convenience and security for your indoor and outdoor storage spaces. The H4 Mini Dome Camera has experienced optical zoom, so it always focuses on what matters most while delivering a solution optimized for your specific requirements.

H5 Pro Camera

5. Avigilon H5 Pro Cameras

The H5 Pro is one of the most powerful, innovative, and feature-rich, high-definition cameras available on the market. It is a reliable option to capture the best-in-class image over vast areas. The maximum scene coverage feature can distinguish moving objects from stationary ones, reducing false alarms to a minimum. It also can capture license plates from vehicles passing by or even activity in far distance fields of view.

The product features out-of-the-box video analytics software and includes object tracking, real-time shutter speed adjustment, and auto daylight saving time features. The H5 Pro is suitable in areas that have good lighting. It has “Lightcatcher” technology, which can pick up on existing lighting and brighten the scene. The device comes standard with an HD-quality image processor for intelligent video management and storage optimization. It is worth noting that this camera is available in 8,16, 26, 40, and 61MP.

H5 pro cameras come with H.264-265 HDSM SmartCodec technology that reduces bandwidth and storage usage by compressing video streams while keeping high image quality intact. This technology is essential when choosing an HD camera of this image size (up to 61MP). The built-in object detection capability enables quick response time by instantly focusing on moving objects in different locations within the field of view. Due to their low light performance, these cameras are excellent choices for enormous parking lots, stadiums, large yards, construction sites, and other wide-open areas.

6. Avigilon H5A Fisheye Camera

H5A Fisheye Camera is one of the most cost-effective and flexible Avigilon surveillance products available on the market today. It’s so tiny that it can be put in any location and used to keep track of a large area. It comes with next-generation video analytics that can recognize moving objects and vehicles, which provides quick response time by instantly focusing on the target.

H5A Fisheye Camera is equipped with adaptive IR technology that enables night vision capabilities in complete darkness. It has a wide field of view and can seamlessly stream real-time images to the monitoring station via IP. These cameras also record audio for an added security feature. Avigilon H5A fisheye camera uses AI technology to reduce bandwidth and storage usage by compressing video stream while keeping high image quality intact.

Avigilon H5A Fisheye Camera

With its ability to capture up to Omni-directional 360° panoramic views, the H5A Fisheye Camera is suitable for areas requiring full room coverage with a single camera. The built-in object detection capability enables quick response time by instantly focusing on moving objects in different locations within the field of view. The P66/67 weather ratings are also relatively high, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain.

H5A Avigilon PTZ

7. Avigilon H5A Rugged PTZ cameras

H5A Rugged (PTZ) camera is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera that delivers long-range security surveillance in harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for parking lots and busy outdoor storage areas. It has a powerful 36x zoom that allows you to see all critical items from far distances. H5A Rugged PTZ camera has built-in video analytics and AI capabilities that allow you to recognize and track moving objects. It can also send alerts on events such as movement, loitering, or panic.

H5A Rugged Camera is equipped with industry-leading protections that make it capable of working in all types of weather. It has a built-in wiper that protects the lens from rain and snow. The facial recognition technology and advanced motion detection filters enhance surveillance capabilities in low light and nighttime conditions. The HDSM smart codec technologies allow you to record video efficiently and save storage space.

H5A Rugged PTZ cameras are appropriate for storage rooms, construction sites, and entrances because the AI can easily detect unusual activities. Overall, it is effective for very bright and dark areas because of its enhanced night vision capabilities. It is also corrosion and dust-proof, making it a reliable solution for harsh weather conditions.


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Avigilon cameras are available with the latest image stabilization features, which enable them to keep a close watch on your valuable property. They also come equipped with state-of-the-art analytics and identification technologies that allow owners to identify traffic patterns and unusual activity. The video analytics also enables you to monitor suspicious activities, a convenient solution for schools, parking lots, and other high-security entrances.

Industry-leading technologies and analytics make Avigilon cameras a smart solution for business owners. Facial recognition, clear vision technology, and object detection capability make it suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. They have upgraded their products and made them resistant to all weather conditions, ideal for securing exterior and interior regions. Avigilon is a cost-effective solution that will help you protect your property from all angles. They offer many models, making selecting the best one for your needs easier.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

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