Avigilon products used to be so rare. Now, we carry avigilon cameras in our pockets and use the same device to make phone calls, send emails, and communicate with people worldwide.

Video cameras are now so popular and affordable that video surveillance systems are very common —both at home and at work. There are many home video surveillance systems like Ring or Wyze cam that might work for a small business looking for 3-4 security cameras, however, most businesses, especially larger facilities, require more robust systems.

When choosing a video surveillance system for your business, it is essential to consider the quality of the product, the customer service and support offered, and the company’s reputation. If you have a CCTV camera system, you will already know that it can improve your security, deter would-be intruders, assist with investigations related to theft, and help you manage health and safety. However, having installed your cameras for a particular purpose, have you tested them to ensure they meet your needs?

Most security camera systems are used as a reactivation tool. When there is an incident, whether it is a theft or an accident, the video needs to be clear and easy to find. With a reliable security camera system, you can have peace of mind knowing that the video will be there when you need it and will help you solve any investigation quickly.

Here is our top recommendation for businesses looking for the most reliable security camera system that is easy to use and provides excellent image quality.

About Avigilon

As a North American security systems manufacturer with global headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Avigilon is a leader in high-definition video surveillance. A Motorola company, the products include a range of fixed video, advanced analytics, and intelligent access control solutions suitable for any business environment. You can find thousands of their products on properties worldwide, and their devices enable you to find and share critical information quickly, so you can respond promptly to situations and keep everyone and everything safe and secure.

You won’t have to worry about streaming lag or buffering with Avigilon’s video storage and compression technology.

About Avigilon

The right cameras for your business: Avigilon has a Solution

Avigilon continues to innovate and produce cutting-edge security camera technology to meet various needs. Their security cameras have been proven to last many years and provide the highest-quality images in the industry. This article will provide an overview of the more recent security cameras that Avigilon has released in the past two years.  Here, you will get to know which type of Avigilon camera is right for your business.

Avigilon H5-A Explosion-Protected Camera

Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected cameras are certified for unsafe areas concurring with pertinent worldwide guidelines. They are purpose-built for productive operational checking and control of forms in situations that confront the hazard of blasts due to the nearness of explosive gases or tidy, counting oil and gas, marine, mechanical, and nourishment generation sites.

The cameras highlight uncommon imaging that works in conditions with destitute lighting and incorporate another era of video analytics to offer upgraded protest discovery, following, and classification.

Avigilon H5-A

H5-A Fish Camera

Suppose you have an expansive car stop to keep secure or an open-air or indoor space for youthful individuals when shielding is critical. The Avigilon H5A Fisheye Camera can be idealized since it gives 360° all-encompassing views from a single vantage point.

The H5A Fisheye Camera would be perfect for schools, retailers, commercial workplaces, and fabricating plants. Its wide determination of mounts and extras can be introduced by Ecl-its interior and exterior in many locations.

H5-A Fish Camera

Avigilon H5-A PTZ Camera Stadium Security

If you have a large site with wide-open spaces that incorporate ranges such as sports pitches, having a CCTV camera that will be effective at capturing long-distance pictures that can capture broad points is vital.

The Avigilon H5A PTZ is the idealized arrangement for you conveying high-quality, nitty-gritty pictures with up to 36x zoom. The camera is available as a 2MP, 4MP or 8MP show, so you’ll be able to guarantee you get the picture quality you require. If you, as of now, have an H4 PTZ camera but are looking to upgrade, Avigilon has created replaceable parts that Ecl-ips can introduce, permitting you to have a straightforward move from an H4 PTZ to an H5A PTZ camera.

Avigilon H5-A PTZ Camera

Avigilon H5-A Corner Camera

The Avigilon H5A Corner camera, which contains a wide field of view, has been built to handle the harshest attempts to destroy, detach, or break it.

The camera is anti-ligature, no-grip, and vandal-resistant, implying that individuals are incapable of joining anything to dispense hurt on themselves or others. This makes it perfect for buildings where both security and life security are required, such as care homes, detainment centers, detainment facilities, psychiatric clinics, and youthful offenders’ institutions.

Avigilon H5-A Corner Camera

Avigilon H5A Dome Camera

If you don’t need to compromise on quality but require a cost-effective solution, the Avigilon H5M Camera, with a picture quality of 2 or 5 megapixels, can be the perfect fit.

This CCTV camera has been outlined and built for budget-conscious video projects. The settled focal point camera can handle unpleasant climate conditions, having accomplished the IP66 climate rating standard. It has also been granted the IK08 effect rating for vandal resistance, so it is tough enough to stand up against human interference.

Avigilon H-5 Dome Camera

Avigilon’s Control Center 7 (ACC7)

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 7 is the most recent version of their video that allows you to monitor all your building security systems in one place,with automated technology that makes everything easier for you.

ACC uses AI to extend the capability of your cameras and security systems. Facial acknowledgment computer program cautions you to people intrigued. Or, when associated with get-to-control frameworks, entryway occasions will consequently appear on your screen, expanding reaction times. All of the highlights are said over in one easy-to-manage program.

Avigilon’s Control Center 7

Established Avigilon’s CCTV Camera Suppliers

Spotter Security is a well-established Avigilon partner, and our security experts will ensure we select the right camera for your location. Our team of experienced installers has good knowledge of ACC7 software so they can help you with your CCTV system. We offer a wide range of surveillance camera solutions to your specific needs.

Consider an Avigilon camera setup if you’re looking for a CCTV framework that can meet your security requirements.

Contact us immediately for assistance installing your CCTV camera or schedule a demo to learn more about our services.

Where to buy Avigilon products?

We make purchasing Avigilon products simple for you. If you want to buy any Avigilon products, contact us. As dedicated partners, we proudly offer the best service, technological expertise, and innovative solutions to serve your specific needs and requirements.

Are Avigilon Cameras Good?

YES, if you are looking for state-of-the-art security solutions, look no further than Avigilon. Whether you’re looking to secure your home or business, Avigilon has the perfect solution for you. Their products are reliable and backed by world-class customer support, so you can rest assured that your property is safe and sound.

As a result, Spotter Security offers a variety of Avigilon solutions that can be configured into a customized, interrogated, intelligent security system.

How to Download Videos from Avigilon Camera?

You can download an MP4 video from a specific date and time from any camera you can access in a video player. You can use the footage for further investigation or archive it.

  • In the video player, click.

  • The Download video dialog box is displayed.

  • Using the camera’s local time, select the date and start time.

  • In the duration: box, enter how long the video should be. The maximum time is 60 minutes.
  • Set the Quality to High to download a high-resolution clip or Low to download a low-resolution clip.
  • Click Submit.

How to Reset Avigilon Camera Password

  • Only administrators can reset a user’s password.
  • In the New Task menu , click Site Setup.
  • Click the site name, then click Users and Groups.
  • In the Users tab, double-click a user.
  • Click Change Password and enter a new password.
  • Click OK to save the new password.

What’s the price of an H4 Avigilon Camera?

The starting price for an H4 Avigilon camera is around $500 for the less expensive option and can as high as $2500+ per camera for the H4 multi-sensor camera or H4 thermal camera.

Do Avigilon’s Cameras have audio?

Yes, you can simultaneously listen to live audio from the camera and converse with the person in the camera’s field of view, if a microphone is attached to the camera. Not every Avigilon camera comes with built-in audio.


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Written by : Haroon Ashfaq

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