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Top Access Control System Problems

Yes, you are right, Access Control Systems are complicated. They are also encompassed with various problems. Aside from its high cost, and complexity, most of these control systems are installed on Legacy Systems. Outdated equipment, keycards falling into wrong hands, and lack of integration with building systems are all on to the list of possible problems with this Physical Security need.

But regardless of these problems, Access Control Systems have revolutionized the door lock industry. Continue reading to learn more about the problems many identified by experts at IPVM.

High Cost:

Most users are not familiar with the installation and functionality of an access control system. And because they are not familiar about its functionality, they don't understand the price that comes along with it. From a day-to-day operations perspective, access control systems need 24/7 support unlike video surveillance systems. People can survive if a camera is down for a day or two, but non-working doors can directly affect business severely.

Complex System:

As mentioned previously, most users are not familiar with access control systems functionality. Using access control systems to their full potential is when the user can really utilize all the advantages to installing one. Restricting certain access and tracking individual entries/exits can help operational managers tremendously. But setting all that up is complicated. And hiring an expert to set it up is costly. Aside from the software aspect of access control systems, setting up the hardware can be a real pain. Hiring locksmith to design an adequate door hardware and working with older doors is a nightmare.


Security Integrators face this problem all the time. There are many companies that develop access control systems in the market and dealing with various companies, you establish a feel for high-end and low-cost access control systems (i.e. WinPak, IdentiCard). The companies that hire security integrators for installations have the uppermost concerns for the cost of the equipment. This results in quality integrators losing their business to low-standard businesses.


Low-standard integrators win hearts of customers not only because of their low-cost equipment but because customers show their lack of interest in the security system beyond the simple locking and unlocking of the door. This makes it hard for the high standard security integrators to justify their sales, leading towards other premiums. Always down to save money, customers express their frustration as soon as an incident or threat is received

Legacy Systems:

It is a pain to support systems that have reached End-of-Life from manufacturers. Why is it hard to support these systems? Support old systems requires reverse engineering and unaccustomed installation methods.

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