Getting a home security system installed can mean very different things depending on your budget. It can be as simple as a few cameras installed yourself and monitored cctv security through your phone, in which case it would cost only a few hundred dollars, even as low as $300. However, they can get more expensive as you add more security cameras and alarm sensors, with the average security system cost of $700 for the system equipment, and with the average monthly CCTV monitoring cost of $15.

On the other hand, if you are looking to get a more comprehensive security system, security service providers like ADT offer top notch security through their home security and automation components, coupled with excellent customer service. Such security system costs vary depending on the service you get, starting from $599 for the starter package that covers equipment and installation, along with $45.99 a month for monitoring. Pairing it with more smart home automation equipment can ramp up the cost, starting with $919 for the basic and $49.99 for monitoring, which goes up as you add more cameras and sensors.

This blog talks about the security system cost breakdown of a security system to give you a better idea of what your security system would cost should you decide to get one. It would also help determine which system to get and how much would be enough.

Average Home Security System Cost

Whether you are looking to secure your home, or your independent business premises, security systems can improve your peace of mind and offer greater protection against break-ins, trespassing, theft and vandalism. While it is difficult to pin-point the exact security system cost unless you get a direct quote from a vendor or security provider, estimates can be done which can help you decide how much you are looking to spend on security.

Home Security System Cost

Average Cost Around $700
Highest Cost $1499
Lowest Cost $299

The table above accounts only for the installation, and not for CCTV monitoring and security system maintenance. Security systems are composed of a number of systems that together make up the entire system. They include security cameras, also known as type of CCTV cameras for home security which can be for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Access control devices like keycards, fobs, and video doorbells to keep an eye on who comes and goes through your house, and alarm systems including intrusion sensors, glass breaking sensors and more. In addition to this, security systems also come with alarm monitoring services which are a monthly subscription service that keeps your security camera footage and alarm system in check, always on the lookout for security threats and raised alarms.

The breakdown of these components are as follows:

Security Cameras

Security cameras are the major part of a home security system. While there are a number of options to choose from, picking the right one with the right set of features can help better secure your home. There are a number of brands to choose from, with some plug-in variants costing only $25, while higher end units cost around $500.

Determining where the camera will be used can help shortlist which cameras to get. For outdoor usage, IP bullet cameras work best because they offer maximum ruggedness with great image quality. In addition to this, knowing which features to get can further narrow down the camera selection, for instance, IP infrared cameras are good for low-light conditions both indoors and outdoors.

For indoor use, however, IP dome cameras, fish-eye, and corner mount cameras work best because they are discreet, and offer maximum coverage. Newer cameras like IP multi sensor cameras use multiple sensors for coverage, however, they can cost significantly more than regular IP cameras

Home Security Camera Cost

Average Cost Around $199
Highest Cost $1299
Lowest Cost $70

Your best bet is going for reputable brands like Avigilon, Lorex or Axis Communications that offer cameras for both indoor and outdoor usage at a reasonable security system price. Getting quotes from different vendors before committing to one is always a good idea to make sure you get the best price.

Security Equipment

These include sensors, alarm systems, control panels, and any other home automation device that you as the owner might want in the system. It is not necessary to get the whole system, however, the average pricing for each is given to give you a better idea about security system costs and how you can configure your security system.

Equipment Average Cost
Basic Whole-House System $350
Base Station $130
Video Doorbell $180
Contact sensor $100
Motion detector $80
Glass break sensor $45
Panic Button $100

Installation Security System Cost

There are two ways to go about installing your security system. You could DIY the entire system based on your level of experience and expertise, or you could hire a security system expert to handle your security needs.

In case of a purchase from a national provider like ADT, you would not have to pay for installation since they offer free installation coupled with a monthly subscription fee. In case of installation, it would depend on the system, and can cost anywhere from $120 to $600, and can also go up to $1600 depending on the system.

Installation Home Security System Cost

Average Cost Around $475
Highest Cost $1599
Lowest Cost $120

Security Camera Monthly Monitoring Fees

This is the recurring security system cost and varies highly depending on the security system scale. Professional monitoring is a worthwhile investment since it makes sure that your security system has someone behind it. In case an incident occurs, monitoring agents can verify alarms, contact the Police, and inform any other stakeholders.

The average monitoring of a security system cost can be around $25 to $75 a month. These security system costs, however, can go up significantly depending on the level of service and features you choose. More features, better warranty and higher protection usually means higher monthly rates for monitoring services.

Other Smart Home Automation

In addition to traditional security systems, newer smart home automation features can be enabled as well, which can be controlled and monitored through your smartphone. These features can also add an extra layer of security and protection to your home. These include smart locks, smart lighting, smoke alarms, CO detectors and thermostats.

The average pricing for each is given below. The actual price that you pay may vary depending on the vendor or discount you get when buying.

Equipment Cost
Smart Lock $50 to $200
Smart Lighting $40 to $90
Smart Smoke Alarm $40 to $150
Smart CO detector $50 to $200
Smart Thermostats $200 to $500

Security System Cost By Type

Depending on the type of security system, your security system cost may vary as well. Whether you get a wired system or a wireless system will determine the components, the monthly security cost and the installation cost.

Wired Security Systems

For a wired security system, the installation security system cost is usually higher because it involves electrical work and wiring has to be installed. It takes cutting into walls, which has to be done professionally and cannot be DIY-ed.

This type of security system cost depends on the components installed in the system, with the pricing depending on the number of cameras, sensors and locks installed.

Wireless Security Systems

A wireless security system is much simpler to install and everything connects through the internet. However, there could be an additional monthly fee for wireless connectivity. This security system cost also depends on the number of cameras and the general equipment used, excluding the cost of wires and control panels.

Complete Security Systems

Another alternative is getting a complete system installed by a security company like Vivint, ADT, Simplisafe or Cove. These companies offer a monthly subscription-based billing for equipment as well as monitoring to make it more convenient.

Security system Installation can cost upwards of $250 in case installed outright, but these companies offer plans that include security cameras, door and window sensors, door locks, smart thermostats and other security and home automation features. They also come with live monitoring services that look out for alarms.

The monthly Remote Monitoring Pricing for these are as follows

Security System Companies Monitoring Cost
Vivint $30 to $45
Simplisafe $29.99
ADT $61.99
Ring $10
Abode $21.99

The companies also offer packages and installments on equipment which cuts down on the security system cost and also in some cases makes you eligible for a discount in case you go with monitoring service from the same company. Important to note is that these companies have a contract and you cannot switch the system or terminate the contract without paying up the settled upon fee outright.

Additional Factors That Affect Home Security

In addition to the equipment and CCTV monitoring costs, there are other considerations that can drive up the cost of your security system. These have to be taken care of in order to make sure that the system fits your budget. Some of these are one-time costs while others are monthly subscription based.

Security System Company

The security camera cost you end up paying depends on the company you pick for the home security. From the equipment you purchase to the monthly fee you end up paying for CCTV monitoring, it can alter the cost of the entire security system. As mentioned above, the monthly security costs given above have to be considered before getting a system.

Cancellation Fees

Home security systems from companies are usually a part of a contract and for a certain period of time. Choosing to cancel the contract before the stipulated time means paying a cancellation fee which can include the cost of the equipment and the remaining balance of the contract or a percentage (usually 75% to 100%) of both.
Some brands offer contract-free plans as well which can be canceled anytime with no balance to be paid.

Security System Maintenance

Security system maintenance for home requires switching out batteries, making sure that the cameras and sensors are working and ensuring storage does not run out. The cost of maintenance comes out to just over $10 for replacing the batteries, while any equipment malfunction is usually covered under warranty from the company. Most offer a lifetime warranty for equipment when you purchase a monthly plan.


Most cities require permits to install security systems in homes, the security system cost of which has to be checked with the authorities. Since alarm systems have to be used to contact fire or police departments, a permit has to be obtained before doing so in most cities in Canada.

Why Get A Home Security System

Considering the home burglary statistics for Canada, a home security system with basic cameras for coverage and an alarm system to warn of intruders becomes necessary. Approximately 4.97 million people in Canada have had their homes invaded at least once, which makes breaking and entering the most notable crime in Canada.

Having a security system offers various benefits that protects your homes from a number of threats, especially, breaking and entering, protecting your property and life.

1. Protection of Valuables

The most common benefit of having a security system is the prevention of theft. Be it a thief breaking in, or someone else that comes by your house, security cameras can help track where all your valuables are and keep them safe.

2. Deterrent to Burglary

Security systems can also act as deterrents since houses known to have security systems are less likely to be broken into by thieves and robbers. Even if it does happen, they are caught more often because Police are dispatched earlier and there is more evidence to catch the perpetrators.

3. Protection From Fire and CO

Another benefit of having a smart home security system equipped with sensors is that smoke, fires and CO accumulation are caught earlier before they become a hazard. Such systems can also contact the Fire department in case the alarm is verified or goes on for too long.

4. Convenience and Energy Savings

These systems go beyond protection and offer energy savings with smart lighting and thermostats that regulate lighting and temperature across your home and shut off when not needed, and can even be controlled remotely when not at home.

5. Reduced Insurance Premiums

Home security systems with monitoring services can have lower premiums as well, sometimes as much as 20%. This is because they offer an added layer of security to the house and make insurance claims less likely to happen, and easier to verify because of greater evidence.

6. Peace Of Mind

Knowing that your security system is being monitored, and that your home is equipped with sensors and cameras recording everything can give you peace of mind about your security and that of the residents of your home.

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