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Client Overview

EGT Builders is one of Canada’s top construction companies, famous for building big housing projects around the GTA. With growing projects and a large number of active sites, EGT builders had been facing lighting and security management challenges. Ensuring these sites were secure, especially after hours, became a paramount concern for the management team.


The primary issue was the significant risk of theft and vandalism at their construction sites. Over the past year, EGT Builders reported 15 incidents of theft and vandalism, with most occurring after hours when the jobsites were typically unmonitored and poorly lit. This lack of outdoor lighting and security not only led to direct financial losses of approximately $150,000 through stolen materials and equipment but also delayed project timelines, adding indirect costs due to downtime and rescheduling.

To resolve these problems, physical night duty guards were hired for physical surveillance of the construction site while also setting up simple CCTV cameras on critical points on the site. But, these steps weren’t effective to prevent security breaches. The guards couldn’t watch the whole site properly to check for trespassers or security issues.

The CCTV system also didn’t cover everything and didn’t have night vision to ensure that dark areas were covered. This made it hard to spot intruders in dark areas of the construction site. To mitigate the issue of dark spaces and trespassers there was a need to install emergency lighting on the site as well.


EGT Builders faced several pressing challenges that needed immediate attention:

Lighting on Construction Site

Having enough spot light is important for work and safety when it’s dark. Bad lighting at entrances and exits can attract trespassers and thieves, which can cause loss and theft. Shadows and dark spots can let thieves hide and steal without being seen by security cameras. We need good outdoor security lighting to discourage crime and keep workers and equipment safe.

Improvised CCTV System

EGT Builders set up a CCTV system, but it wasn’t well-planned and only covered a small part of the construction site. The existing system lacked comprehensive surveillance, particularly in critical areas. Additionally, the limited storage capacity of the system led to issues with missing video recordings, making it difficult to review incidents and gather evidence. A well-planned lighting and security system was needed to ensure thorough surveillance after dark and adequate storage capability to prevent loss of crucial footage.

Power Backup Issues

The construction sites often faced power outages or interruptions, which disrupted the existing security and lighting systems. Without a Uninterrupted Power Supply solution, these interruptions left the sites vulnerable to theft and vandalism during outages. Keeping the lighting and security cameras working was important for keeping the site safe

Weather Causing False Alarms

Building sites face tough weather like rain, snow, and very hot or cold temperatures. The current security gear wasn’t made well enough to handle this weather, causing it to often break down and need fixing. There was a need for a robust system that would withstand the tough weather conditions.


Spotter Security was engaged to develop and implement an energy-efficient solution lighting and security to address these challenges effectively.

Advanced energy-efficient Lighting Systems

After evaluating the site conditions, Spotter Security chose high energy-efficiency LED lighting for its durability, low energy consumption, and superior illumination. The LED security lights were strategically installed in previously dark and vulnerable areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage. We added lights with motion sensors that turn on when they detect movement, this made sure that the dark areas were illuminated whenever there was any activity on the site.

Well-designed Surveillance System

Spotter Security made a comprehensive plan for construction site security, using high-quality IP cameras that work well at night. This plan covered all the important doors and areas on the site making sure that there were no loose ends. They used well-known brands like Hikvision and Axis Communications because they’re trusted in security. The system was integrated with surveillance software that let live video monitoring agents watch everything in real-time and respond quickly if something happens.

Construction Site Surveillance Trailers

Spotter Security recommended using solar powered security trailers with IP-based PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras and having backup power. These solar security lights and video surveillance trailers are flexible to move anywhere on the construction site, and also have power backup to make sure that surveillance is never compromised. The security system included bullet and dome IP cameras to ensure uninterrupted video recording during surveillance hours. The trailers were made to handle bad weather and always keep the cameras working. This made the site much safer by covering the dark areas that made sure that everything was being monitored.

Live Video Monitoring

EGT Builders opted for Spotter Security’s remote video monitoring service, which provided 24/7 remote control surveillance by trained live monitoring agents. This service ensured that the site was being watched in real-time and live monitoring agents would respond quickly.

For instance, if someone tried to break in, our live monitoring team could quickly alert both the on-site smart security and local police. This stopped possible theft or damage in real-time. The camera feed was being watched for anything suspicious on the site and live agents could use vocal intervention or siren alarms to stop a theft attempt. This approach ensured constant vigilance and swift action in case of emergencies.

By incorporating advanced technology and strategic planning, Spotter Security’s solutions effectively addressed the security challenges at EGT Builders’ construction sites. Using motion detection lighting, a comprehensive surveillance system, mobile surveillance trailers, and live video monitoring made the security system stronger and reliable. This greatly improved site safety and lowered chances of theft and damage.


The implementation of these solutions led to transformative results for EGT Builders:

Dramatic Reduction in Security Incidents

Within the first quarter following implementation, incidents of theft and vandalism decreased by over 75%. This reduction significantly lowered the incidents of theft, vandalism, and trespassing on the construction site, allowing the restoration of the project timeline.

“The impact of Spotter Security’s solutions has been remarkable. We’ve seen a significant drop in theft and vandalism, which has allowed us to maintain our project schedules more effectively.”

– John Smith, Site Manager, EGT Builders

Cost Efficiency

With the improved lighting and security measures on the construction site, there was a significant decrease in unplanned expenditures for equipment replacement. Additionally, the efficient LED lighting reduced energy costs, adding to overall savings.

“The energy savings from the new LED lighting have been substantial. Combined with the reduced need for replacing stolen or damaged equipment, we’ve been able to allocate more resources towards the progress of our projects.” – Financial Officer, EGT Builders

By leveraging Spotter Security’s advanced technology and strategic planning, EGT Builders not only enhanced the physical security of their sites but also realized considerable cost efficiencies, contributing to a more stable and predictable project management environment.


Spotter Security’s comprehensive lighting and security solutions revolutionized how EGT Builders managed their construction site safety. By prioritizing advanced technology and strategic planning, Spotter Security significantly enhanced the physical security of EGT Builders’ sites and contributed to a more stable and predictable project management environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Less Incidents: Better lighting and a comprehensive surveillance system can greatly lower theft, vandalism, and trespassing, making construction sites safer.

  • Cost-Efficient: Spending on efficient LED lighting and security not only makes the site safer but also cuts unexpected costs and energy bills.

  • Advantages of Live Monitoring: Watching the site live for any potential threats helps react quickly to incidents, boosting security and reducing losses.

  • Next Steps and Potential Future Enhancements: Expand Security Coverage: As EGT Builders continue to grow, they should consider extending these security measures to all their sites to maintain a consistent safety standard.

This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of integrated lighting and security solutions in addressing complex challenges in the construction industry, ensuring project success and business continuity. By learning from these outcomes, EGT Builders can continue to enhance their security measures and achieve even greater operational efficiency.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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