Nowadays property owners are opting for the latest technology to make access to the building secure and convenient for the residents. One common example is choosing a keyless entry system. Even hospitals and Government facilities have adopted these gate entry systems. The keyless entry systems ensure better security. These also save time and hassle for everyone involved.

The invention and advent of Keyless entry systems have put traditional key systems on the back foot. Apartment residents and building owners are opting out of security systems that need physical credentials to log in to the apartment, be it a Key card or key fob system. This is so because people want safer and more secure options.

Why choose a keyless entry system for your apartment building?

Let’s say you wanna stay in a hotel, you know that you don’t have to carry a metal key with you. Because for many years hotels have been using keyless entry systems for apartment unlocking. In a Keyless entry system, the buildings and apartment complexes have smart locks installed. These locks are opened using the latest proptech devices. This does not involve traditional usage of card key or fob keys per say.

Instead of card reader or fob keys, these smart locks are opened using a PIN Code, Mobile App access, Fingerprint Access, face recognition, voice access, a smartphone app, or biometric identifier, and more. Although some keyless entry devices come with an option where physical credentials are used to open the door, such as a key fob or key card, the latest ones do not depend on any physical credentials.

Keyless entry system vs traditional entry systems

Keyless entry system provides great facilitation to the owners, residents, and guests. They do not have to wait or physically reach out to unlock and enter the place. It saves you time and hassle to hold or provide keys.

In 2024, the keyless entry system is also a popular pick for apartment complexes and individual residencies. The keyless entry systems are a revolution in the proptech industry. It allows the landlords and residents to get in touch with ease.

The access approach is not only convenient but also lessens the operational cost. You just need to install the system once and for all. Neither do you need a watchman to take care of keys nor are there physical keys to hand over.

Types of keyless entry systems

Keyless entry systems are advancing with each day. Because the demand in property technology to provide latest and secure solutions is extremely high. Both contracting companies, builders, and landlords want to offer the safest entry and exit systems for the residents.

Although there are new systems coming in the market each year, the following are some prominent keyless entry systems used nowadays. It’s important to keep in mind that with the advent of technology, this list is never exhaustive.

Access via PIN code

Pin Code Access

The building or the apartment complex has devices installed outside. The entrant will punch in the given PIN Code. Sometimes, these are also available with the option of a card key or fob key. But normally all you need is a PIN Code.

Just like you are responsible for your Credit Card PIN Code, the owner of the building knows how many people have access to this PIN Code. Any violation of the code breach to an unauthorized entry can be tracked quickly as the PIN Access code is exclusive.

Access via Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone Access

In this keyless entry system, the authorized person has to use their phone to access entry to the building or apartment. Either there is a smartphone application connected to the system and the entrant has allowed connection to it. Or they can send a digital credential to the reader via Wi-Fi. It can also be sent through Bluetooth, Z-wave, or NFC, and more.

Intercom or video-based Access

Intercom or Video Access

This system is a modernized version of old-school intercom-based access. The difference is they are designed on the latest and safest proptech algorithm. The entrant who does not have access or credentials will call the residents, or owners or the authorized person.

They will in turn open the door remotely using intercom technology. They either recognise the entrant via call or with a video facility. The unauthorized access is automatically denied, hence greater security.


Biometric Access

You are entering an elite, secure facility. So, your entry is allowed based on your unique identifier features, which no one else shares with you. Facial recognition and fingerprints are two famous biometric credentials. There are also biometric credentials like palm scans, retinal scans, and voice recognition.

Advantages of keyless entry system

Keyless entry system is not just an alternative to traditional gatekeeping. It offers extensive benefits in terms of security and safety. It also gives better access control and saves long run hassle in control and cost.  Following are the main advantages, but the list can go on and on.

Greater security control

As the keyless entry systems do not depend on physical credentials. So, no worries about getting the keys lost, stolen or replicated. You have your private PIN Codes to access your entry. These can further be customized as per requirements to create unique codes. 

Access logs

If a security breach occurs, it can be traced through access and event logs. These logs give data on the credentials used, along with time and picture-based details. This helps the owners and residents collaborate with authorities to find the breach.

Timely alerts

The keyless entry systems have options to send notifications when doors are left opened or closed. They also get information about who entered the building, when do they enter or leave. This also allows you to contact them immediately, or to deal with security settings.

Cost to install a keyless entry system

Cost calculation for installing a keyless entry system involves many ends. Two primary costs are the type of system you want, it’s material and labor costs. Then, secondary costs are relayed by the security company to the contractor.

The primary cost can be itemized on a quote, but the secondary cost is always expected to vary. It’s based on your customized requirements, building size, and other factors. It will also include insurance costs, travel, and parking charges. If you are a contractor, contact Spotter Security to get a free quote.

To give you an idea, here is the Average Industry Price for Access Control Systems.

We have mentioned some components with the associated price ranges:

Door Controller ($190 and above)-$
Door Reader ($90-$1,100 and above)
Access control accessories ($20-$550 and above)
Locking hardware ($30-$800 and above)


The table above is just a rough overview of the cost. It involves details per specific entrance setup for you to understand the average unit cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Keyless Entry System

The price of the access control system and its installation depends on various but calculated factors. Before calculating these factors, you should know the size of your company or building and how complex you want your keyless entry system to be.

  • Quality of the installer size of the vendor company
  • Type and level of insurance (COI) needed
  • Security and use of the system
  • Quantity of purchase
  • Your information of access control
  • Your installation time frame

The factors mentioned above are not a final list. You can add to the list based on your company or building requirements.

How to find the right entry door lock system?

If you want to know which keyless entry system is best fit for your company or building, you have to know your community and entry points. A few steps can help you know better:

  • Know your building’s common points like offices, amenities, units, gates, doors, etc.
  • Discuss with residents, Guests, Delivery drivers, vendors, Staff, technicians, and renters, and Emergency responders for their needs.
  • Research for solutions based on the Power source, installation, and labor cost, system integration and security level.
  • Know your building’s hardware, access points, and systems.

The steps above can add up to more based on your customized requirements.


Both property owners and residents want the security offered by the keyless entry system. It brings safety and peace of mind. Contractors and Owners appreciate the control and accountability they gain. Visitors, guests, and residents rest easier knowing their families and possessions are safe and protected.

Moreover, keyless entry systems are a more convenient, secure, and cost-effective solution than traditional keyed locks. These are highly demanded by multifamily communities because they want to centralize operations and boost Net Operating Income. This helps them attract and retain high-quality renters. So, a keyless entry system is a great investment.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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