Home security is a serious issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly; it’s essential to make sure you and your family are safe within the comfort of your own home. There are many cost-effective ways to deter burglars from attempting a break-in and protect your property.

To help keep your home safe, here are some must-know home security tips that may not have crossed your mind:

1. Make Sure Your Alarm System Is Working

A working alarm system is one of the most effective ways to deter potential intruders from entering your property, so it’s important you check yours regularly to make sure it’s in good working order. If you don’t already have an access control solution installed, then this is something you should consider investing in as soon as possible.

Moreover, make sure that once you do have a system in place, you know how it works. After all, if you are in an emergency, you won’t want to be wondering ‘what’s the difference between arm stay and arm away?’ or other questions about alarm functions.

Securely connect the alarm system with your home Wi-Fi to enable remote monitoring too – this will enable you to receive notifications if anything suspicious occurs while away from home. Additionally, make sure the system has been set up correctly with alarms that can provide both audible and visual warnings for added protection

2. Install Motion Detectors

Installing motion detectors can act as an extra layer of protection for your home by alerting you in case of any suspicious activity around the house or even a potential intruder. When set up correctly with alarms, motion detectors can provide both an audible and visual warning if an intruder does try to enter your property.

3. Include Outdoor Lights

One of the most economical methods to discourage burglars from trying to break into your home is with exterior lights. Placing motion-activated lights around the outside of your home can help prevent break-ins and give you and your family more protection when entering or exiting throughout the night.

4. Purchase Home Security Cameras

Another wonderful technique to always keep an eye on your house is to install best home security systems. You may feel more secure and keep any possible intruders from trespassing on your property by installing cameras that keep an eye on both the inside and outside of your home.

5. Don’t Leave Spare Keys Outdoors

Keeping spare keys in a safe place outside of your home is a major no-no. Burglars often look for spare keys left in obvious places such as under doormats or on window ledges so always make sure to keep them inside your house and away from prying eyes.

6. Add Reinforcements

Installing extra reinforcements such as deadbolts, security bars or other physical barriers to your doors and windows is an effective way of deterring potential burglars from entering your property. This will also provide additional safety for you and your family in case someone does try to gain access to your home.

Furthermore, investing in sturdier locks for both interior and exterior doors can help ensure that no one is able to easily force their way into the building. All of these measures are essential for keeping your property safe from intruders so make sure you take the time to properly secure any vulnerable points around the house.

7. Secure Your Garage

To protect your garage from intruders, consider getting an automatic garage door opener with a timer feature. This will help ensure that your garage is secure even when you’re not at home.

Additionally, be sure to lock any access points leading into the garage and store any ladders or tools out of sight when not in use – this way burglars won’t be able to use them as a means to gain entry into your property.

8. Secure Your Valuables

When it comes to your valuable items such as electronics and jewelry, it’s important that you securely lock them away when not in use. Doing this will discourage any potential intruders from trying to break into your home and get their hands on these items.

Investing in a safe or secure storage box can be a great way to make sure these items remain out of sight and out of reach at all times. It’s also important to make sure they are stored somewhere that is difficult for burglars to access or find.

9. Always Lock Your Doors And Windows

This straightforward piece of advice is quite often overlooked, yet it’s crucial for protecting your property from burglars. Your family will be safer and more secure if you take the time to make sure all entrance points are firmly shut before you leave the house.

10. Lock Up All ladders And Equipment

In order to access upper windows and balconies, burglars frequently use ladders or tools that have been left in the open and are easily available to them. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure that any ladders and tools are kept in a secure location when not in use, such as a garage or outdoor shed.

This will keep your belongings protected from potential theft and help stop robbers from utilizing them as a way to access your home. To ensure that ladders and other tools are always out of reach, always lock them away before leaving your house.

12. Get Home Monitoring Services

Investing in a home monitoring service is one of the best ways to protect your property from burglary. These services provide 24/7 surveillance with real-time alerts if anything suspicious is detected, so you can always rest assured that your home is safe and secure even when you’re away.


Home security is a serious issue that must be taken seriously, and there are many steps you can take to make sure your home remains safe and secure. Taking these simple yet effective measures will ensure that your property remains protected from potential burglars this season so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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