In today’s digital world, access control systems have undergone rapid evolution. Businesses have shifted from traditional keys and locks to sophisticated electronic access control systems. Just as physical metal keys can be cut or copied, keycards and fobs can also be replicated with the help of a tool called Flipper Zero.

In this blog post, we will understand the working mechanism of Flipper Zero, the major threats businesses face due to the wrong use of Flipper Zero, and some important tips to increase the security of your site/business.

Understanding the Flipper Zero?

A Flipper Zero is a tiny hardware device that can interact with digital systems in real life and grow while you use it. A flipper zero can read, copy, and emulate RFID and NFC tags, radio remotes, iButton, digital access keys, and a GPIO interface. The idea of Flipper Zero is to combine all the hardware tools you’d need for exploration and development on the go. Here is the Flipper Zero Documentation.

Understanding the Flipper Zero

Main Features of Flipper Zero

The Flipper Zero is not just another tech gadget; it’s a portable multi-tool device for geeks designed for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals. Some of the main features of a flipper zero include:

  • Flipper Zero can work with various frequencies, enabling it to interact with various devices, such as garage doors, car alarms, wireless devices, and access control systems.
  • The Flipper Zero can emulate radio protocols, RFID and NFC cards, allowing users to clone access cards or interact with RFID-enabled systems.
  • With IR capabilities, the Flipper Zero can mimic remote controls, making it possible to manipulate devices controlled by infrared signals.
  • A Flipper Zero is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless communication modules, and it can be used for penetration testing of various wireless systems.
  • Flipper Zero can read information from contactless cards, including credit cards and key fobs, making it an effective powerful tool for assessing vulnerabilities in access control systems.
  • The Flipper Zero has GPIO pins, SPI, I2C, and UART interfaces, which allow hardware hackers to interact with and manipulate different electronic components.

How Does a Flipper Zero Work?

The workings of Flipper Zero are relatively straightforward. To read and replicate a wireless signal for future usage, the user brings the Flipper Zero near the signal source, chooses the program corresponding to the signal type, and selects “Read.” Flipper Zero then commits the signal type to memory, where it can store the signals so the user can later access them and emulate them.

Flipper Zero is designed with a variety of antennas that enable it to capture, store, replicate, and imitate wireless signals, interacting with a multitude of signal types:


NFC technology, used in smart cards for access control and cards and digital business cards, is compatible with Flipper Zero. The 13.56 MHz NFC module can imitate, read, and store these cards.

125kHz RFID

Utilized in older proximity cards and animal microchips. Flipper Zero is compatible with low-frequency (LF) radio frequency identification (RFID), used in supply chain tracking systems, animal chips, and access control systems.


A frequent component in many remote controls, Infrared Flipper Zero, can read and transmit signals from devices that use infrared light (IR), such as TVs, air conditioners, or audio devices. It can learn and save infrared remote controls or use Universal remotes.

Sub-1 GHz

Employed in garage door remotes and remote keyless systems for communication. Flipper Zero has a built-in module that can read, store, and emulate remote controls, allowing it to receive and send radio frequencies between 300 and 928 MHz.

How does a Flipper Zero pose a threat to your business?

A flipper zero is one of the card skimming or hacking tools that look harmless but can do real damage to your site/business. Though it looks harmless, it can be used for malicious activities that risk your business. Let’s break down some of these potential threats:

Vehicle Theft

Vehicle Theft

The Flipper Zero can intercept and replicate the signals from car key fobs. This means a person with malicious intent could unlock and start vehicles without needing the actual key. Vehicle theft poses a serious risk for businesses with company vehicles or delivery vans, leading to significant financial losses and operational disruptions.

Bypass Access Control Systems

Bypass Access Control Systems

Many businesses use RFID cards or key fobs to control access to buildings and restricted areas. The Flipper Zero can read, store, and replay these RFID signals, allowing unauthorized individuals to access secured areas. This can lead to data breaches, theft of physical assets, or even personal security risks for employees.

Bypass Parking Lot Access

Bypass Parking Lot Access

Like building access control, parking lots often use RFID systems for entry and exit. With a Flipper Zero, an intruder can easily clone these signals and gain unauthorized access to parking facilities. This poses a security risk, resulting in unauthorized parking and potential vehicle harm.

Copy Credit Card Credentials

Copy Credit Card Credentials

The Flipper Zero can read and mimic signals from contactless payment cards. This means it can potentially be used to steal credit card information. Once a hacker has access to this data, they can make unauthorized transactions, leading to financial loss and a breach of customer trust.

How Can You Respond to the Flipper Zero Threat?

Protecting your business from security threats, especially those posed by advanced tools like the Flipper Zero, requires a multi-faceted approach. Here are some important tips to help protect your access control systems and ensure the security of your business:

Upgrade Access Control System

One of the most effective ways to protect your business is to upgrade your access control system. Modern access control systems offer enhanced encryption and authentication methods that are much harder to bypass. If you are a business owner worried about security, you should consider investing in the latest technology that provides robust security features, including anti-cloning measures and advanced encryption protocols.

Use Different Credentials

You should avoid relying solely on a single type of credential, such as RFID cards or key fobs. Instead, use a combination of credentials like biometric verification (fingerprints, facial recognition), PIN codes, and smart cards. This extra layer of protection makes it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access, even if they manage to clone one type of credential.

Educate Your Staff and Employees About the Threat

Awareness is a key component of security. Try to educate your staff and employees about the potential threats posed by devices like the Flipper Zero. You should conduct training sessions on how these tools work and what signs to look out for. An informed team is your first defense against security breaches from devices like Flipper Zero.

Access Control Policies

Implement and enforce strict access control policies. Define clear rules about who has access to what areas and make sure that these rules are being followed by team. Regularly review and update these policies to adapt to new threats and changing business needs. Limiting access to sensitive areas only to those needing it reduces the risk of unauthorized entry.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your access control system. It requires users to provide two or more verification methods to gain access. These could include something only they know (a password) or biometric verification (like fingerprint scanning or facial recognition). Even if an attacker manages to clone an RFID card, they would still need additional verification to gain access.

Surveillance Systems

You should install surveillance cameras in key areas, especially around access points. Continuous monitoring and recording can warn potential intruders and provide valuable evidence if a security breach occurs at your site or business. You should always make sure that the surveillance system covers all critical entry and exit points and is regularly monitored by a security personnel.

Physical Barriers

In addition to electronic security measures, physical barriers can significantly enhance the security of the sensitive areas of your site/business. You should use sturdy doors, locks, and barriers to protect sensitive areas. A business owner should consider installing turnstiles, security gates, and other physical barriers that require electronic authorization and physical interaction.

Looking for Flipper Zero Resistant Access Control Systems in Canada?

If you’re concerned about the security threats posed by tools like Flipper Zero, it may be time to upgrade to a stronger access control system. By staying informed and proactive, businesses can ensure they’re safe and ahead of the curve. A Flipper Zero can easily exploit weaknesses in access control systems, granting unwanted access to your business causing you financial as well as personal exposure.

Spotter Security has got your back if you are searching for reliable access control systems that resist tools like Flipper Zero to secure your business in Canada. With over 20 years of experience in the security industry, Spotter Security knows the ins and outs of securing a business site from Flipper Zero hacking. From security cameras to access control to alarm systems and live camera monitoring, Spotter Security keeps you confident about your site security while providing 24/7 technical support should you ever encounter problems.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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