Business owners and site managers alike have to worry about the security on their sites all the time. There are various solutions on the market.

Some install security cameras, others keep physical guards while most go for a well-rounded security system that focuses on everything, from coverage using security cameras, entry and exit authorization with access control, an intruder alert system with security alarms, and a maintenance and surveillance team to manage it all.

Managed Security Systems

Managed security systems or Control Desk service is the newer alternative to a conventional security system managed by an in-house team. Control Desk Service means hiring a remote security service provider to install if not done previously, maintain and monitor your security system.

It includes maintenance of security camera systems, access control devices, alarm systems, and everything else. Moreover, Control Desk service comes equipped with a round-the-clock technical support team to handle any issue regarding the security system.

Spotter Security has over 20 years of experience in the security industry, and has served thousands of businesses across Canada with their expert security teams. Our clients are from various industries including construction, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and others.

Spotter Security offers remote Control Desk service to businesses to take away the hassle of managing and maintaining their own security systems which is a common pain point for site and operations managers across Canada.

Pains of managing your own security system

Security systems have gotten complex over the years, with most of them spanning multiple sites, having a large number of cameras and servers along with access control and alarm systems to care for.

A loose wire, an obstructed camera, or a sleepy server can mean the difference between a secure site and a potential robbery or break-in. Moreover, having a dedicated team to manage security adds up the cost and includes the hassle of managing them as well.

Here are some of the issues that managers and business owners have to face with conventional security management systems.

Missing Video

tampering cameras

Without proper maintenance and regular security camera checkups, there are bound to be gaps in coverage. This can be due to multiple reasons. It could be due to loose or faulty wiring, obstruction in front of cameras, tampering with cameras, network errors or simply the camera deciding to take a nap.

Sometimes, the security team or site manager does not even know that a camera is not functional because they have not checked up on it recently. Whatever the reason, it leads to missing video, black screens, stuttering frames and hazy footage that is unusable for any purpose.

This leads to a lot of frustration, anger and disappointment in business owners and site managers because security systems cost a lot f money and are most needed when an emergency strikes. Among the chief reasons are obstructions in front of the cameras in the form of dirt, debris, or even spider webs. This goes to show that a regular check on all cameras, access control devices and other security equipment is necessary to keep it functioning.

Task Overload

Rount The Clock Security

Managing a security system requires round-the-clock attention and care for the cameras, as well as the whole system. Having your own team managing these tasks can lead to productivity problems since they would be detracting from their core operations to manage the security systems or the security team in charge of looking after the system can get away with poor quality maintenance if you don’t have the time for oversight.

This in turn leads to oversight on part of the team that would miss out on important maintenance resulting in video loss and lapse in security. All because the team has been flooded with an additional set of tasks they have to take time out of their daily routine to do.

Knowledge gap and oversight

ip camera

Security systems are complex. They have a lot of parts and pieces to look after and doing all of them and knowing how to do them well requires expertise.

From knowing which system to get, which security cameras would fit the requirements, whether to go for an analog system or one with IP cameras, which access control devices would work best with the site requirements, where to get power from and how to keep it running, involves a lot of expertise.

In addition to this, managing such a system would also require the same expertise. Site managers and in-house teams that are usually picked from the existing personnel do not have the required knowledge and insights about security to manage the system well leading to gaps in surveillance and security, leaving the system ineffective.

Control Desk Features

With a Control Desk service like the one offered by Spotter Security, you never have to worry about managing and maintaining your security system. From checking on cameras, to monitoring live footage, our security team does it all, and remotely as well.

This means that you rid yourself from the hassle of managing your system, and the in-house team to maintain it as well, on top of the best-in-class security service that Spotter Security with over 20 years of experience, has to offer.

1. Health checks and backups

We routinely check your system servers, control panels, and other backend equipment to make sure they are running smoothly. We do this every two weeks to keep things consistent and reliable.

2. Security Camera Inspection

We also review your security camera views regularly, inspecting angles, potential blockages, maintaining focus, recording settings and more to ensure clear visibility of anything that happens in front of the cameras and proper video storage.

3. Incident Video Search

In case of break-ins or other security breaches and accidents, we gather all the required details and footage to understand what happened and to assist the police and insurance with their investigation.

4. System Management and administration

Managing user access, adjusting schedules, adding new users, and system programming are all done remotely. You just have to drop an email or call directly to take care of it.

5. Annual On-site Checkup

Annual maintenance and site visits are scheduled once a year, or when needed to make sure that all your components are working properly and there are no loose wires jeopardizing your system’s reliability.

6. Reliable technical support

Control Desk offers technical support, personnel training, and any other assistance regarding the security system. Just drop an email or a call to get in touch at a moment’s notice with the remote team ready to assist you.

Effectiveness of Control Desk Service

With a security system managed by Control Desk Service, you never have to worry about missing video, your employees being too busy to handle maintenance tasks, or the technical expertise required to manage the security system.

Most businesses face problems managing their security systems, which a Control Desk Service can take care of at a lower cost compared to having an in-house security team.

One such case was with Zandal Metals requiring security services across hundreds of sites for which Spotter Security’s Control Desk service came in clutch to ensure that their cameras do not miss anything.


Control Desk service takes away the hassle of managing your own site. Delegating it to expert security service providers that inspect, install and maintain security systems so you never have to worry about camera malfunction or faulty systems. A reputed security service provider like Spotter Security is your go-to for getting an experienced team of experts that care for your business and your security needs.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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