Running a construction site is no easy task, and securing it can be a nightmare. Construction sites are frequently the target of theft and vandalism due to their constantly changing working environment. To mitigate this risk, construction managers often rely on security guards to monitor their property. However, depending on the size of your site, you may need to hire a lot of guards to get the protection you seek, which can impact your operating costs. Live guards also can’t be everyone all the time, which increases the risk of missing an incident.

An alternative to live guards is live/remote video monitoring. With the use of video analytics and fully trained security operators monitoring your video surveillance in real-time, you can reduce costs, lower your risk of theft and vandalism (crime), and increase police response times.

Live Monitoring is Often More Cost-Effective than Hiring Multiple Live Guards

Many people are coming and going from your site every day between trades, workers, deliveries, and administrative staff. The more personnel on your construction site, the higher the risk of something going wrong, someone getting hurt, or theft happening. Live guards can protect your project site from damage, theft, and injuries. However, live security guards will not only raise traffic on your site but will increase your operating budget, especially if you need a lot of them to cover a large site. Live guards also can’t be everywhere all the time, watching all corners and critical areas of your site. However, you can keep costs low with live video monitoring while fully protecting your site (or key areas) 24-7.

Live Monitoring Lowers Risk of Theft, Loitering, Vandalism, & Unauthorized Entry

As mentioned, a lot is happening on a construction site at any given point of the day. Construction managers are responsible for delivering the project on time and within budget. Keeping the site secure is essential to the project’s success, so the last thing the construction manager needs is for equipment to be vandalized or stolen. Trespassers often target construction sites because there is little to no security. Security cameras installed in key locations can help, but it may not be enough because you only know of the event after reviewing the video. On the other hand, live monitoring continuously protects your site with trained security operators watching your video feed live. Live video monitoring can actively catch suspicious activity, so you can notify the police and apprehend the intruder quickly, significantly reducing your risks to the project.

Live Monitoring Leads to Faster Police Response

A security system is a key to keeping your project safe and secure. Good security cameras installed in key locations around your construction site can protect your project. Visible security cameras can also deter intruders and criminals, but they may not be enough to stop them. Adding live video monitoring will improve your success in catching a suspicious event as it happens. Live video monitoring often increases police response times, which in turn reduces the risk of damage and theft on your construction site.

With so much traffic happening on the site at any given point, keeping everyone safe while securing your materials and equipment can be a challenge. Hiring security guards can protect your construction site. However, the larger the site, the more guards are needed, which can impact your budget. Guards also can't be everyone all the time. Security cameras placed in critical areas on the site, along with a reliable security recording system, are essential tools to securing your project. Still, it may not be enough to keep intruders out. Adding a live video monitoring solution to your security setup can significantly reduce your risks. With the use of analytics and fully trained security operators watching your site in real-time, 24-7, you not only keep your project safe, but you can keep your costs down and deliver your project on time, without incident.

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