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Common Video Surveillance Problems 

Common Video Surveillance Problems 

Whether it’s getting winter tires for our Toyota Corolla or its upgrading your cellphone plan, we all have the tendency to save money where ever we can. Many companies tend to monitor their video surveillance cameras in-house, and we understand it! Installing cameras and linking them to their own server is not rocket science but constantly dealing with video related issues can get very disturbing especially if that is not your primary business focus.

We want to point out the most common problems you will face when you run your own small Video Surveillance System. Do you agree with us? Do you disagree with us? Comment down below your thoughts about the issues we have mentioned!

Once the Video Surveillance system is up and running, we tend to sit back and wait for an incident so that we can scrub through the recorded footage and find the target. When it’s time for the Digital Video Recording System to be valuable, that’s when most of us run into the following problems.

Improper Video Recording

A recording can have low fps (frames per second), a recording can be zoomed into a certain area, a recording can have visual distortions/noise, or a recording can be cropped to a lower resolution. Security recordings can also turn out to be useless if the exposure or brightness is too high.

These are some of the ways securirty  This encompasses many things that can go wrong with the recorded footage: a Sometimes the video recorded has a bad  Frames per second AKA fps play a major role in security video recordings. Depending on the location of the camera, fps comes into play. Sometimes cameras are recording at low fps (i.e. less than 7.5fps) which is good enough for small closed rooms where not a lot of motion is detected. But recording something below 7.5fps where the camera is pointing towards a cash register is a big NO. It is hard to explain this without videos so click here to learn more about fps and how it can effect your security recordings:

The way cameras are placed in businesses can also destroy a security camera’s effectiveness, says retired police detective Kevin Bryan

Camera Connection

This, by far, is the most common problem most security cameras run into. One of the many ways a camera can have a connection problem is when the internet service is down. Dependent on the camera manufacturer, a small instability to the internet can disconnect the camera from the server for days. Another very common cause is when there is a power outage, duh. But same goes here, if not manually configured afterwards, cameras can be disconnected from the server for days even after the power is back on.

Camera connection to the server is dependent on power and the internet. Different companies address these problems otherwise. Some illustrate this problem as Video Loss.

Upgrading Firmware

The security camera industry has become very saturated in the past decade. Companies coming with state-of-the-art technologies to provide safety to their clients the most efficient way possible. That said, it is crucial to stay updated with latest software versions for the hardware/software we use. Using old versions of software’s can make your system vulnerable to hacks

Technical Support

Security camera manufacturers do not offer the best customer support making it hard for users to troubleshoot any issues. That’s why integrators play a big role in this market. Security integrators assist in the installation and repair aspect of DVR systems. 1st Tier support provided by manufacturers usually result in no complete resolution.


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