Whether a commercial intercom has a door release mechanism is one of the most important factors in making a decision about it. Your best bet is to select a commercial intercom system with a door release. But why is a door release mechanism so crucial, and what exactly is it? How does it work?

In this blog post, you will discover about intercoms with a door release mechanism and why your commercial intercom needs to feature one here.

What is an Intercom System with Door Release?

Intercom System

An intercom system with door release is a security system that allows you to interact with someone at your door before opening it. The system’s door-releasing component lets you remotely unlock the door for the individual so they may enter.

This can be a helpful security precaution if you are expecting someone, like for a package delivery. However, it can also discourage robbers or other unwelcome guests. As a means of enhancing security, this kind of system is becoming increasingly frequent in homes and businesses.

The working mechanism of a commercial intercom system with door release

With simply a button push, someone within a facility can remotely unlock a door and secure your gate using a business intercom system, including a door release.

Here’s how it works:

  • An intercom gadget at the building’s entrance lets guests phone the person they are seeing.
  • The tenant receives notifications using their intercom gadget, which may be mounted on their smartphone or in their workplace.
  • The tenant picks up the call to speak with the visitor. If the tenant wants to let the visitor in he will use their intercom device’s “door open” button to let the guest in.
  • The door release mechanism receives a signal from the intercom system and subsequently opens the door, allowing the guest inside.

Different Types of Commercial Intercom Systems

There are various types of intercom systems for offices and businesses, some of them are:

Wired vs. Wireless Intercom Systems

The first decision you might face is whether to use a wired or wireless intercom system for your business. This mainly refers to how the intercom connects to other devices.

Wireless Intercom Systems:

These connect over Wi-Fi and can be linked to laptops and phones, making them ideal for remote work. They’re perfect for larger office buildings or industrial facilities. The main intercom at the entrance connects wirelessly to smaller units throughout the building. If it’s a video intercom, the main station also has a camera, allowing audio and video communication between users. This setup is great for businesses with multiple departments or locations.

Wired Intercom Systems:

These systems are physically connected through wires, typically to a receiver at the front desk or security point. They often include a door release feature for unlocking doors or gates with a button press. Wired systems come with accessories like microphones and controllers for managing entry points. They’re usually more cost-effective for smaller businesses with only a few intercom stations.

Video intercoms

Video Intercoms

Modern intercom devices often incorporate video capabilities. A camera at the front door of a business’s wireless video doorbell lets you see who is at the door. Certain systems have two-way video cameras at the door and each substation, allowing people to communicate live. This type of system is prevalent as it enables the physical identification of visitors, enhancing security.

Audio intercoms

Audio Intercoms

Voice detection is what makes audio intercoms work. A buzzer at the door links to an intercom speaker device. The person inside must recognize the visitor’s voice to let them in, either by hand or from afar. Because this system uses voice recognition, it may not be as safe, especially in buildings where many people have yet to be discovered.

Types of Door Locking Mechanisms

When setting up a business intercom system with a door release for multiple tenants, one important thing to consider is the type of door-locking mechanism. The way the door release device works will depend on the lock you use. You’ll have to get and install one if you don’t already have one.

There are two main types of door locks:

  • Electric locks
  • Magnetic locks

Electronic locks usually stay closed when the power goes out, while magnetic locks are fail-safe and unlock when the power goes out. They both try to keep people from getting into your property.

Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks

An electronic lock is a mechanical device driven by electricity. The lock strike plate is replaced with an electric strike lock in the door frame. An electric strike is only powered by electricity when the door needs to be unlocked. The lock never has power when it’s not being used. You need to have a power source ready for an electric strike to work. This is where a door release device, like a business intercom, comes in handy. The intercom system sends power to the electric lock when a renter presses the “door open” button. This makes the latch move, which opens the door.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks differ from electric strike locks because they need electricity. A magnet and a metal plate make up a magnetic lock known as a maglock. In most cases, the maglock is placed so that it lines up with the door frame and sits on top of it. For a maglock to stay locked, it must always be powered. When electricity flows through the maglock’s magnet, it makes a charge that pulls it to the magnetic plate and locks the door. You must turn off the power going through the maglock to open the door.

Average Cost For Installing an Intercom System with a Door Release

Installing a commercial intercom system with a door release costs an average of $2000 to $2500 in Canada, including the intercom hardware and the labor. This cost can vary based on the factors like system type, features, and installation complexity.

If you are a commercial property owner and looking to install an intercom system with a door release, you can choose from a variety of reputable brands like:



Avigilon provides end-to-end security solutions, access control, and intercom that give intelligent, flexible cloud-native and on-premise solutions.



ButterflyMx simplifies property-wide access with a line of contactless
& cloud-based access control and intercom products.



Brivo is a cloud-based access control and intercom SaaS company, that protects lives and facilities with the best service to meet your physical security needs.



Aiphone is the leading international manufacturer of intercom and security communication products in Canada



Hikvision’s intercoms and security solutions provide abundant and practical functions. With the door-release intercom, users can receive calls and unlock doors remotely.

Benefits of an Intercom System with Door Release

Modern intercom systems with door releases have many advantages for properties, staff, and renters.

Some of the key benefits of commercial intercoms are:

Increased security

After the installation of an intercom system, your home will be safer. Limiting access to tenants and their approved guests makes things a lot safer. Entry intercom systems with cameras can also take photos of every entry with the time and date written on them. If there is a security breach, staff can look at these photos.

Peace of mind

One more benefit is that it gives you peace of mind. Peace of mind for tenants is an important property benefit. Instead of just hearing the visitor’s voice, a video intercom system lets renters see who is asking to come in after they answer the doorbell.

Remote management

A big plus is that you can control things from afar. Tenants and property staff can control entry using their phones. A mobile app or web-based dashboard makes it easy for staff to manage permissions and look over comments without being on-site.


Video chat systems are also good because they can be expanded. You can add or remove tenants without having to change the hardware because these systems are easy to adapt to changes in your property.


A video intercom system with a door opening makes things much easier. Tenants can easily let in guests, service workers, or delivery drivers; they have to tap their phones to gain access from anywhere.

Commercial Intercom System Installation Considerations

Installing a commercial intercom system can be challenging, depending on your hardware and technology of choice. Usually, a professional company manages the installation; but, first, you need to establish which areas in your commercial plaza will control guest access. Before installing, it’s a good idea to have a professional look at the area. They can determine what power sources, wiring, and cabling you need and determine whether the intercom system you want to buy will work with the other stuff you already have. Before investing your money, you might need to talk to someone. After buying the equipment, the installation process includes putting the intercom systems in the right places and connecting the necessary wires and cabling according to building codes. The system will then be set up, including any scripting and extra features needed. This is the time for entry systems to add user IDs like PINs or key cards.

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