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What is a Bullet Security Camera?

Modern security plans often necessitate the use of surveillance equipment.  The original bullet camera was small and cylindrical in shape, resembling a bullet or lipstick tube. As the technology advanced, so did the size, but the name remained. This post outlines what that bullet camera is, the applications it is best for, and both the advantages and disadvantages the bullet camera offers.

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What is a Dome Security Camera?

Whether it is residential, commercial or institutional, security cameras are a required part of any complete security plan. A dome camera offers an ideal platform with the connectivity option and lens choices required for high def video. In this post, we take an in-depth look at one of the more popular styles of surveillance cameras, the dome camera.

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What Is a Lot Cop and Can it Protect My Property?

Thanks to COVID-19 and the lockdown that followed, we have seen a rise in crime. As the lockdowns continued, the demand for security guards also increased. Businesses have asked staff to work from home, resulting in buildings that are left empty and vulnerable. That has led to a lot of interest in Lot Cop, a mobile security camera solution.

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7 Types of Axis Cameras to Help Secure Your Property

Axis offers a broad selection of products. Their security cameras are ideal for businesses of all sizes. In our experience, Axis provides some of the best security cameras on the market. Here are seven of them, how they differ and which is best for which application.

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3 Common Warehouse Security Issues That Can be Fixed with Technology

Keeping employees and visitors safe and reducing the risk of theft is essential to the success of your facility and business. Common logistics and warehouse security issues include theft of cargo or truck parts from parked vehicles, pilferage often from within your organization, and unauthorized visitors accessing your facilities. With the proper security setup, you can reduce these and other risks and protect your business.

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5 Great Features in Milestone XProtect Smart Client

When bad things happen – and they inevitably do – you need to be able to react quickly. That is why choosing an easy-to-use video management system (VMS) is key to your security and safety solution’s success. Milestone XProtect has been around for over 20 years.

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3 Brivo Access Add-ons to Get the Most of Your Access Control System

If safeguarding sensitive information or expensive equipment is essential to your business's success, consider adding an access control system. With an access control system, you can grant or deny access to critical areas while allowing your employees to go where they need to go. A great option is Brivo Access.

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3 Reasons Why a Business Should Choose Milestone XProtect VMS

If you already know what a video management system (VMS) is, you will likely have heard of Milestone Systems. Milestone XProtect is an excellent VMS because it can grow with your business. It supports thousands of devices, is user-friendly and accessible around the world. Here are 3 reasons why businesses should choose Milestone XProtect for their business.

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2 Common Uses of Video Analytics that Help Businesses

Although video analytics can do remarkable things like facial detection, understanding the threat or risk is essential when setting up a system. Video analytics can be a central part of a video surveillance system solution.

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Wireless Security Cameras: 3 Things to Know Before Buying

Although wireless security cameras are easy to install, flexible and more portable, they are prone to hacking, interference and are less reliable than wired cameras. Though they have dropped in price, wireless may not be the best option for your business needs.

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