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3 Common Warehouse Security Issues That Can be Fixed with Technology

Keeping employees and visitors safe and reducing the risk of theft is essential to the success of your facility and business. Common logistics and warehouse security issues include theft of cargo or truck parts from parked vehicles, pilferage often from within your organization, and unauthorized visitors accessing your facilities. With the proper security setup, you can reduce these and other risks and protect your business.

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3 Brivo Access Add-ons to Get the Most of Your Access Control System

If safeguarding sensitive information or expensive equipment is essential to your business's success, consider adding an access control system. With an access control system, you can grant or deny access to critical areas while allowing your employees to go where they need to go. A great option is Brivo Access.

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Electric Strike and Maglock Alternatives for Access Control Systems

Your first line of defence against thieves, intruders, and potential employee misconduct is controlling access to your doors and entry points. But keys are limited. They don't restrict key holders to specific dates and times, and they are easily copied. Electric strike and maglock alternatives are great options for access control systems.

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Why Quantity is Better when it comes to Residential Construction Video Monitoring

Construction sites, especially residential construction sites, are a prime target for theft and vandalism. It is estimated that $46 million in equipment gets stolen each year in Canada. But there are several things you can do to secure your site, including the basics like fencing, strict schedules, and good lighting. Options include hiring security guards, using a construction video monitoring solution, or using both.

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COVID-19 Forces the Birth of an Automated Restaurant and this is How I would Secure it

When COVID-19 hit, many business owners were caught off guard and sent into panic mode. Some industries fared better than others. Restaurants were hit the hardest, but one took the opportunity to try something new. Here’s how I would secure an automated restaurant.

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What is an Electric Strike and Why you Need it for an Access Control System

Electric Strikes are the most popular type of electrified door hardware used for an access control system. Although other options exist, such as a maglock, they are not as simple to install. Unlike card readers, which are visible and interactive with users, electric strikes are hidden in the door jamb and are noticeable, but they play a critical role in securing your doors.  

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What is a Maglock and When You Need it to Secure Your Door?

A maglock is an electrified locking device that uses low-voltage power to keep an entrance secure. Also referred to as an electromagnetic lock or magnetic lock, they consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate.  The electromagnet mounts to the door frame and gets wired back to a power supply, while the armature plate mounts to the door.

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Access Control Systems – The Basics

For any company, physical security is no doubt a top priority. A well-designed access control system is an effective way to achieve better security. When selecting an access control system, ensure it's easy to use, integrates well with your door hardware, and can easily be managed remotely.

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Mobile Credentials: Is Your Business Ready to Open Doors With Smartphones?

Rarely forgotten and consistently in hand, mobile phones are our most constant companion. Logically, they are conveniently replacing keys, fobs or access cards to open doors. With more than 85% adult mobile ownership in Canada, is your organization ready to leap?

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5 Things to Know Before Getting an Access Control System

For many companies, keeping your facility and employees secure is a top priority. A well-designed access control system is one of the most efficient ways to achieve your security objectives. Quality equipment and professional installation are easy to use and can give you the right balance between physical security and convenience.

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