Brivo is a leading access control solution provider across North America, and Canada specifically. It is the go-to choice for business owners and security service providers to secure their premises.

This blog talks about Brivo’s Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions, the cloud-based video management solution that pairs with access control to enable efficient and more secure access throughout your site.

Shifting To Cloud-Based Security Systems

Security has shifted towards more intelligent, cloud-based services recently. Study conducted by Brivo, Global Trends Report, shows that a modern security professional is more data-centric than ever, and the biggest issues they face relate to data empowerment and shifting to the cloud. Adopting these technologies can help make businesses more efficient and secure.

One such integration is pairing brivo cloud-based access control with video management to implement better security protocols throughout the facility.

Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control Solution

Brivo Cloud-Based Access Control Solution

At the heart of Brivo’s offerings is their access control system, a robust platform designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

From large enterprises to small single-site facilities, Brivo’s access control solutions are tailored to protect people, property, and reputation with best-in-class technology.

Brivo’s access control solutions include:

Brivo Access Software

Brivo cloud-based Access Control is a 4th generation web platform that allows the user to control, monitor, and manage access to their buildings, offices, facilities, or any other space they are looking to protect.

Using cloud capability, Brivo’s Access offers remote access control which allows users to manage access from their own devices without being on site.

Brivo Access Control Products

Brivo offers a complete range of access control products to equip your business with. From access readers to control panels and video monitoring solutions, Brivo offers a complete all-in-one system that integrates to give you a seamless security and access management solution.

Brivo’s Intelligent Video Surveillance

Brivo’s intelligent video surveillance solutions represent a leap forward in security technology. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, Brivo provides instant, secure access to real-time facility views, securely stored in the cloud.

This means that whether you’re monitoring loading docks, lobbies, or staircases, you have the ultimate control over your facility at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Brivo Access Cam

Brivo’s flexible camera-to-cloud recording solution that lets you monitor your facility at a glance. The access cam platform enables you to

  • integrate access control with video surveillance

  • Set video resolution and retention options

  • Choose modern camera hardware and seamlessly integrate with your entire system

Brivo Door Station

Brivo’s all-in-one Door Station combines video, access control and intercom into a single device. This device allows you to capture video of all access events, talk to the person on the other side, and it also integrates with Brivo Access software to link to the rest of your security system.

Benefits Of Combining Video With Access Control

benefits of access control

Brivo’s unified platform ensures that video surveillance and access control work in harmony. This integration not only enables remote facility monitoring but also strengthens security measures by connecting visual verification with each access event. Brivo’s solutions are designed to be cyber-secure, user-friendly, and always up-to-date with the latest software versions.

Integrating Brivo’s access control with video surveillance offers a multitude of benefits that enhance security, streamline operations, and provide comprehensive oversight of facilities.

Here’s an in-depth look at the advantages:

Enhanced Real-Time Security Monitoring

Combining Brivo’s access control with video surveillance allows for real-time monitoring of facilities. This integration ensures that every access event is paired with video footage, providing immediate visual verification and enhancing the overall security measures.

Simplified Management and Operations

With integrated systems, managing security becomes more straightforward. Administrators can control both access control and video surveillance from a single interface, saving time and reducing complexity.

This centralized management is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple sites, as it allows for consistent security protocols across all locations.

Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings

The synergy of access control and video surveillance systems leads to increased operational efficiency. By minimizing the need for multiple systems and interfaces, organizations can save on costs associated with training, maintenance, and software licenses.

Additionally, brivo cloud-based access control reduce the need for on-premise storage and hardware, further cutting down expenses.

Improved Incident Response and Investigation

When an incident occurs, having an integrated system accelerates the response and investigation process.

Access control logs can be quickly correlated with video footage, simplifying the identification of individuals involved and providing a clear timeline of events. This capability is invaluable for regulatory compliance and legal inquiries.

Advanced Verification and Compliance

Brivo’s integrated solutions offer advanced verification methods, such as facial detection and confirmation, which can be used as a second level of security in high-risk areas.

Additionally, employers can ensure compliance with safety requirements, such as proper mask-wearing or the use of safety gear, by verifying through video surveillance.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access

Video surveillance adds an extra layer of security by allowing reception and security personnel to verify that individuals are not using stolen credentials or tailgating behind authorized users. This prevents unauthorized access and enhances the overall security of the facility.

Future-Proofing Security Infrastructure

Integrating Brivo’s access control with video surveillance ensures that the security infrastructure is adaptable and scalable.

As technology evolves, the integrated system can be updated and expanded to meet the changing needs of the organization, ensuring long-term security and investment protection.

How To Integrate Brivo Access Control With Video Surveillance

Brivo Access Control With Video Surveillance

Brivo’s integration of video and access control is unparalleled due to its ease of use, comprehensive security features, and remote management capabilities.

Their platform is designed with cybersecurity best practices, ensuring that your security system is protected against any threats.

Step 1: Determine Your Video Scope

The first step in integrating video surveillance with your Brivo access control is to determine the scope of your video coverage. Consider the critical areas of your facility that require monitoring, such as entryways, sensitive areas, or high-traffic zones.

Your organization’s needs will dictate whether you require comprehensive coverage or a more targeted approach. It’s essential to plan for a solution that can scale with your business, allowing for future expansion as needed.

Step 2: Understand Video Storage Requirements

Before selecting a video solution, collaborate with your legal and compliance teams to understand your company’s data retention requirements. These requirements will influence the overall cost of your video solution.

With cloud-based video solutions, storage costs are generally lower than traditional on-premises solutions, offering various retention periods and video quality options. Knowing your base requirements will help you make an informed decision when selecting a video solution.

Step 3: Connect Video Surveillance Streams to Access Control

The final step is to connect your video surveillance streams to your access control solution. This integration is crucial for optimizing your security solution. Ensure that the video feeds are connected to access events, allowing you to correlate the visual of who is entering your facility with each access event.

The combination of video and access control significantly increases your security posture and streamlines day-to-day operations.

Brivo Access Cam: A Seamless Integration Solution

Brivo Access Cam is an easy solution for organizations looking to add video to their access control. It provides affordable cameras, cloud-based video storage with various options, and automatically connects video streams with access events within Brivo Access.

As part of the overall Brivo platform, Brivo Access Cam offers unparalleled video integration within the access solution.

Leveraging Innovations like Brivo Snapshot

Organizations can further benefit from Brivo Access Cam by leveraging innovations like Brivo Snapshot. This feature uses machine learning technology to detect faces from individual video clips and display the most relevant image of the access event in a visual dashboard.

This capability saves time from watching full-length video clips and provides a visual record to verify that the faces of people entering the facility match their credential photos.

Looking To Integrate Access Control For Your Business In Canada?

Are you looking to get the brivo cloud-based access control Solution for your business in Canada? You can request a demo or consultation from their website. You can also contact Spotter Security, a trusted Brivo partner/dealer to get a comprehensive consultation on security system design, installation, maintenance and management.

Brivo has a network of over 500 authorized dealers across the US and Canada, as well as international partners in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Brivo Access Control offers a smart and secure solution for your building’s access control system. Whether you have a small or large building, a commercial or residential property, or a simple or complex security system, Brivo Access Control can help secure your premises and guide your security efforts using advanced analytics and insights.

Written by : Carlo Di Leo

At the age of 24, with no experience in the security industry or any money in the bank, Carlo quit his job and started Spotter Security from his parent's basement. Founded in 2004, Spotter grew from a single man operation into a multi-million dollar security system integrator that caters to businessess and construction sites across Canada.

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