Many fixed HD camera models claim to be long-range security cameras that can cover a large area. However, the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro camera is one of the best long-range security cameras on the market today. The 7K H4 Pro performs well both day and night and offers exceptional zoom range on recorded video. It is ideal for larger areas such as a parking lot while still capturing license plates details. Although they tend to come with a higher price tag, the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro and others like it are excellent when capturing that wide view and detail.

Could One Camera Actually be Enough?


It depends on the area you are covering. For example, suppose you have a large construction site with no power anywhere, such as a large commercial construction site. In that case, a 30 MP camera like Avigilon’s can help. A single fixed camera equipped with a quality lens, like the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro, is ideal for a business that needs to cover a large space. By mounting the camera onto a trailer with power, you can capture the entire yard or construction site.

Megapixels and Camera and Lens Quality

With a good-quality long-range outdoor security camera, you can zoom in on the footage and read small text hundreds of feet away. Not to be confused with a PTZ camera, which has motors and an adjustable lens that allows you to zoom in (and pan/tilt) live. If you leave a PTZ camera zoomed in, you increase the risk of missing events in the surrounding area. But with a fixed long-range security camera, like the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro, you can capture a wide view and get crisp images that allow you to zoom in on the recorded footage. This is especially useful since most cameras are not live monitored. However, the quality of the footage depends on megapixels, camera brand/quality, and lens brand/quality.

Lighting and Getting the Most at Night

Something to always keep in mind is lighting. Lower light will degrade the picture, so the more lighting, the better. Unfortunately, you can’t always get lighting where you need it. The evening isn’t as good as daytime for obvious reasons. Areas with more lighting have better detail when zooming in. Moving objects like cars and people may blur when zooming in (vs still or slower moving images). A good high-resolution camera, such as the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro camera, coupled with a well-lit area can yield a good picture.

A one-camera security setup can work in the right setting with the right camera and lens and the proper lighting. It’s ideal for monitoring large spaces like construction sites, yards and commercial lots. Choosing a camera, like the Avigilon 7K H4 Pro camera, can make all the difference. But they can be expensive, so it is always good to consult with a professional to determine the right solution for your needs.

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Written by : Carlo Di Leo

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